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A Critical, Real-Time Crime Information Solution Keeping Our Communities Safer

Street Smart

Street Smart™ arms officers with critical, real-time crime information while on patrol on our nation’s city streets. This state-of-the-art tool enables officers to share relevant, structured and unstructured information through situation-based bulletins and police discussion boards. The ability to visualize data points on maps and aggregate and share relevant information in real-time, keeps LEOs up-to-speed, informed and protected as they patrol our streets. Instead of relying on handwritten notes and waiting for information to be disseminated via email on a 24-48 hour delayed cycle, our tools give officers the ability to connect-the-dots faster and accurately pinpoint crimes, patterns, and incidents.


Features and Capabilities

Any Device. Anywhere. Anytime.

Street Smart™ empowers Law Enforcement Officers to share information and intelligence in real time on any device. With this access, law enforcement personnel have better, faster information for everyday crucial decision-making, allowing them to solve crimes quicker and maximizing their effectiveness.


Reducing Crime, Enhancing Officer Safety & Improving Community Trust

Street Smart™ is an in-car, true, real-time crime-fighting and offender- management solution. Beyond just traditional CAD and RMS searches, the solution allows officers to stay apprised of activities and to collaborate using data feeds and content for situation-based bulletins, secure discussions, case management and officer-driven mapping visualization to solve crimes faster.

Crime Reduction Stats


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