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The Next Chapter
of Versaterm

Where innovation meets public safety

Why Versaterm?

Versaterm is a global public safety solutions company helping agencies transform their organizations. We have an ecosystem that enhances community safety by creating purposeful integrations across the public safety spectrum.​ Our strategy is focused on improving customer and user workflows for more efficient and effective operations that lead to better service and more just outcomes.​ 

Purpose-Built Public Safety Ecosystem

Solutions focused on improving workflows for more efficient and effective operations, better service and more just outcomes

Field Response & Reporting
Jail & Inmate Management
Records & Evidence Management
Justice & Resolution
Forensic Analysis & Investigation
Responder Health & Wellness
Professional Standards
School Safety

Explore Your Options

Public Safety Innovation that Supports Your Work


Citizens expect a certain level of service from organizations because the private sector made service excellence the standard. ​The same technology helps public safety agencies bring this type of care to their organizations. ​Applications support the management of the high volume of calls and incidents by automating certain communications. ​


  • Case Service reduces the burden for dispatchers and officers by capturing the relevant information into a report like an officer would 

  • SPIDR Tech enables agencies to provide automated customized updates and resources that help citizens through the process after calling 9-1-1 

Agencies we serve

Some of our public safety partners

How Can We Help?

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