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Modern Prosecution and Resolution

Migrate away from paper-based manual processes to improve efficiency, increase accessibility, and modernize operations for better outcomes and victim care.


Lowers Costs

Reduce time spent on charge processing, case preparation, and e-disclosures.


Increases Efficiencies

Easily import information to streamline data entry and create program analytics.


Reduces Errors

Ensure consistent and organized data entry, reducing the risk of human error on critical information.

Automate & Streamline
Case Management

The electronic information sharing and delivery of key documents reduces the risk of errors and speeds up the process.

Person using smartphone in courtroom

Enabling secure cost-effective information exchanges between police and prosecution​

Automate Processes

Functionality to automatically produce charge packages and disclosure for all criminal cases.

Simplified Screens

Mass produce subpoenas for all witnesses on a case from one simple screen.

Speed Up Disclosure

Ability to vet disclosure packages within the application using standard Adobe redaction tools.

Pre-populate Forms

eForms prefills an electronic version of Police Services’ operational forms with data already entered into the RMS.

Increasing efficiencies for treatment courts, pretrial services, and probation

Consolidated Dashboard

Consolidated search returns displayed in an easy-to-consume dashboard​.

Streamline Data

Easily import information to streamline data entry and create program analytics.

Improve Outcomes

Participant progress monitored through drug screens, court sessions, treatment, etc., to improve successful intervention outcomes​.

Multiple Integrations

30+ RMS, CMS, CAD, GIS mapping and JMS vendor system integrations.

Statue of Lady Justice on desk

Enhance Your Prosecution & Resolution

Upgrade from paper-based processess to digital solutions for increased efficiency, lower costs, and reduced errors.

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