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Supporting Today's High Expectation Environment

Ensure people throughout the organization meet the highest level of professionalism, supporting greater morale and stronger community relationships.

The IAPro solution is a set of specialized applications designed to support Professional Standards, front-line uniform and supervisory elements of the organization. The applications are designed to work together, with each supporting the specialized needs of their respective user-bases. 


Streamline Case Management

Track all aspects of a Professional Standards investigation, from initial report to final disposition.


Simplify Agency Reporting

Enables agencies to generate reports on various metrics, including caseload, clearance rates and disciplinary actions.


Improve Transparency and Accountability

Allows users to easily find and share the information they need with multi-layered filtering and robust reporting.

A “Best Fit” Toolset to Support Today's High Expectation Environment

Explore how to uphold the integrity and reputation of your agency.


IAPro NextGen Professional Standards Solution

Uphold the integrity and reputation of your agency with the world’s leading professional standards solution.

Early Identification and Intervention

Supports CALEA accreditation for early intervention as verified by the group’s assessment teams

Advanced Statistical and Detail Reporting

Allows users to access statistical and create ad hoc reports and charts without IT assistance

Case Management

Provides an overview with a direct drill-down to individual cases and tasks

Automated Correspondence and Forms

Save time with pre-configured templates of standard forms and letters using 150+ data elements

Public Portal

Build and maintain trust with the community using our highly configurable web solution for gathering feedback on officer interactions.

Public Complaints & Compliments

Allow community members to submit their feedback about your agency and personnel

Seamless Integration

Access the submissions easily in IAPro for better oversight of public interactions and perceptions

Automated Notifications

Provide community members with an acknowledgement and updates on their submission(s)

Track Complaint Status

Ensure complaints are being addressed in a timely manner



The premier platform in support of frontline documentation, supervisory oversight and organizational accountability

Activity Stream

Streamlines information about incidents, such as use-of-force, flow to/from the frontline

Use-of-Force Data Collection

Includes a CED module to capture data specific to taser usage and other conductive energy devices

Timely Reviews, Approvals and Responses

Ensures critical incidents are forwarded through the appropriate chain-of-command with notifications as specified

Real-Time Performance Status Updates

View the status of each employee across a spectrum of benchmarks for early intervention

Used by Agencies in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA

Our solutions are customer-driven, with each new release incorporating significant enhancements based on feedback, suggestions and - yes, even complaints - from our customers.

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