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Our support team make the difference!

For over 4 decades, Versaterm has specialized in Public Safety software, used by first responders across Canada and the US, such as 911, Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services. Our number one priority is Customer Support.

At Versaterm, we have dedicated support teams to ensure these critical systems are available around the clock. We hire a wide diversity of talented people who care about making a difference. The people who answer phone calls and emails are seasoned programmers who helped develop the software, and experienced professionals who have used the software in their previous career (i.e. retired police officers, fire fighters and dispatchers).

Just as citizens are dependent on first responders around the clock, our customer support is available no matter what. We have our customers' backs when it comes to supporting our software everyday, whether it’s the middle of the night, a weekend, or a holiday. Equally, we believe in the importance of 'human touch', which is reflected in our approach to serving our customers (hence you will never be forwarded to voicemail!). When a public safety agency implements our software, the Versaterm project manager automatically transitions into the agency’s Account manager, ensuring continuity and familiarity throughout the years of support.

Our company is proud of the exceptional customer support we deliver and the trusting relationships we have developed. We enjoy making software, but at the core of our beliefs, we are innately driven by our desire to contribute to a bigger cause! We feel honoured to help first responders help those in need.

Today, more than ever, we are here to support our essential public safety professionals! Despite the global pandemic, we are fortunate to continue our work providing the same level of high quality customer support around the clock.


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