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Case Management Solved!

Made for detectives, Versaterm’s Case Management dashboard equips law enforcement agencies with a powerful tool to conduct criminal case investigations. Whether investigating a major case or simply managing their workload, Versaterm’s latest innovations was designed to maximize efficiencies.

In Versaterm’s Case Management dashboard, with just one look, investigators can quickly view the essential info on cases they are working on, such as the type of offense, status of the case, location of the crime, if suspects were arrested or released, other people involved in the incident, and any recent updates made to the case.  A single click brings the investigator directly to the details of the case.  

As always, Versaterm’s Case Management solution supports automatic case routing, and an intuitive workflow process that helps investigators track and assign cases (based on the type of offense, investigator, or investigative unit).  Workload analysis, re-assigning investigations, and status changes can be easily made.  Additionally, Case Management promotes greater accountability, allowing case managers the ability to control investigative resources, time, and caseloads.  

The evidence is clear, Versaterm’s Case Management dashboard is designed to help law enforcement agencies effectively manage criminal case investigations from start to finish!


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