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  • Day and night colors

  • Supports offline report entry

  • Flexible screen sizing and orientation

  • Streamlined report entry and modification

  • CCJS and NIBRS validation presents an interactive window from which officers can fix specific errors

  • Tight integration with vMDT, vMobile, and vRMS that allows you to populate vMRE forms and fields using data captured in the vMobile

  • Intuitive report approval functionality, including the ability to add comments to fields and text 

  • Ability to use an attached scanner to capture information such as driver’s licenses and vehicle registration data


Versaterm vMRE

Modern-day policing requires the right tools to support law enforcement agencies. Versaterm meets that challenge with our latest version of Mobile Report Entry (vMRE).

vMRE provides a simplified, streamlined, and easy-to-navigate user interface that allows officers to quickly enter, modify, and complete reports. Your reports are always available, and the dynamic toolbar changes fluidly, only presenting tools relevant to the currently selected and displayed item. Agencies can fully customize the interface and can use custom fields to capture additional data.

Prominent in vMRE’s interface is the tree view design that provides you with a complete view of all reports currently on vMRE, including all records attached to those reports. Navigating between reports is easy. Tap on an item to view it; items appear like they would appear if printed.

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