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Video Camera Lens

Smartphone Body and Dash Camera Solutions

Convert your fully functioning smartphone into a body camera

Enhancing Incident Response, Transparency and Safety

The demand for accountability and transparency in law enforcement has significantly increased in recent years. This has prompted numerous states to enact legislation aimed at enhancing the disclosure of information regarding police activities and their engagement with the community.  Body-worn and dash cameras have become an important part of this initiative for greater communication, coordination and situational awareness during an incident.  

Visual Labs Camera Solutions

Single-Purpose Hardware Being Replaced by Connected Smart Devices 


Using software installed on Android smartphones, Visual Labs solutions provide CJIS-compliant body camera functionality and much more. Secure cloud storage is included for a complete, cost-effective evidence management solution. The smartphone-based dash camera solution complements the body camera. The system is simple to use and install. Both solutions offer significant cost savings and reduce equipment fatigue. 

Benefits and Capabilities

Shifting the paradigm from body worn camera to body worn computer with a solution for smartphones 

Reduce Equipment Fatigue

All-in-one body camera recording capability using an Android smartphone

Live Feed with GPS Location

Safety and situational awareness improved with real-time responder status and position

No Docking Station Needed

Automatically transfers into the evidence management platform

Simple Recording Function

Dedicated buttons to easily start/stop recordings without screen interaction

Manage Your Metadata Easily

Digital fingerprint ensures chain of custody for video footage

Seamless Installations

Use existing ports and wiring in officer vehicles 

Harnessing Both Smartphone Connectivity and Computational Power

There is no reason to acquire a simple, camera-only device when available technology provides the option for much greater functionality. Let’s get your questions answered

Body Worn Computer

We took a completely different approach to body worn cameras compared to the many other "camera-only" products on the market today. It represents a paradigm shift in the thinking toward body worn cameras because we believe the appropriate definition of BWC is Body Worn Computer. The solution uses a fully functioning smartphone as the recording device and provides all the features that camera-only devices offer and much more. 


Smartphone In-Vehicle Camera

An innovative alternative to traditional dash camera systems that takes advantage of smartphone technology to enhance responder safety and efficiency. Multiple automatic activation options ensure dash cameras are recording when they need to be. These include lightbar activation, speed-threshold activation and linked camera activation with a BWC. 


Agencies can easily manage their body-worn and dash camera footage using a single evidence management platform. The dash camera system is simple to use and install by leveraging existing ports and wiring. It offers significant cost savings over existing dash camera products. 

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Clients We Serve

"In 20 years in law enforcement, I have not worked with a more professional and customer-centric business."

Commander Andy Ellickson — Washington County, Minnesota Sheriff's Office

"By switching from stand-alone cameras and local storage to Visual Labs, we have been able to enhance officer safety, improve evidence management, and save money."

Town Administrator Courtney Dennis — Irmo, South Carolina

"This is exciting, exciting technology. We've gone away from the commonplace technology that's out there and we will be utilizing a smart device. We eliminate three devices and utilize one piece of equipment to better serve our community."

Chief Robert Ramsey (Retired) — Fontana, California Police Department

"This has been a great system for game-day management at Providence Park. I have all the information I need in real time and can take action immediately."

Jim McCausland — Director of Security, Portland Timbers

"There is no doubt in my mind that your product is the best out there."

Chief David Ryan — Pound Ridge, New York Police Department


Future-Proof Your Camera Technology

Free your agency from proprietary hardware with a long upgrade cycle, controlled by a single hardware vendor

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