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  • Scalability

  • Federated Identify Services 

  • Expertise (managed by Versaterm) 7x24

  • Agile Framework (Latest Enhancements) 

  • Full Security Compliance to the latest standards/requirements

  • High Availability 

  • Secure Framework (everything is encrypted – in transit and at rest)


  • Cost Savings

  • Fully redundant 

  • Enhancements (agility)

  • Fault-tolerant across data centers 

  • Autoscaling (automation) – automatically spins up instances as required

  • Latest updates and security patches (with no or minimum user impact)

Versaterm Partners

Our partnership with AWS helps us deliver convenient on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable resources. All of which is backed by our commitment to you as a full-service information system partner. 

Versaterm Deployment

With Versaterm vCloud, Police and Fire Departments no longer have to run systems on their servers. The cloud architecture provides freedom and flexibility, enabling agile development and quick deployment.

Versaterm vCloud

Leveraging the proven AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture, Versaterm provides our customers with a powerful SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution resulting in overall cost savings while ensuring your data is protected through the most modern encryption available with high availability and disaster recovery baked right into the solution.
At Versaterm, our always-on and exceptional 7x24 support transitions into the Versaterm vCloud, where we ensure your system is not only protected but available across AWS Availability Zones. The Versaterm vCloud advanced scalability architecture provides a truly load-balance, active-active solution that can quickly scale up horsepower as needed. 
Your data is your data. Versaterm does not comingle your data in our multi-tenant architecture and therefore provides you easy access without the complications of building out a data lake. 
Your data remains protected in-transit and at rest, conforming to the latest security standards while ensuring access is controlled by the agency through your security protocols and advanced authentication mechanisms – truly CJIS compliant. With the entire stack housed within AWS GovCloud, Versaterm is the only public safety solution provider to offer this advanced and protected security framework. The identical architecture is provided to our Canadian public safety agencies while the system (and all data) remains inside the Canadian borders.
The Versaterm vCloud delivers agility with frequent enhancements delivered with the elastic application and system architecture crafted by Versaterm to eliminate downtime. Versaterm vCloud provides agility and flexibility while ensuring you remain on the most modern and advanced platform, now and into the future. Your investment is protected.

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