Versaterm Cloud

Versaterm now offers Versadex "in the cloud," powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new platform is architected to provide true SaaS (Software as a Service) with elastic scalability and configurability. Versaterm vCloud delivers rich and robust functionality with agility letting us deliver feature sets quickly to the end user.

All of this is offered at an affordable price point and will result in a more efficient workflow for First Responders.


GovCloud: We are currently leveraging Amazon GovCloud in the US, and will soon offer a Canadian (hosted) solution.

​​Keep your data: Should the need arise, we offer a dual-migration path from on-premise to the cloud 

​​Agility: In Versaterm vCloud, we can provision and deploy much faster and more efficiently. 

Our partnership with AWS helps us deliver convenient on-demand access to a share pool of configurable resources. All of which is backed by our commitment to you as a full service information system partner.  

Versaterm vCloud offers many benefits, including unparalleled scalability, data security (in transit and at rest) and less expensive infrastructure, which results in significant cost savings. 

With Versaterm vCloud, Police and Fire Departments no longer have to run systems on their own servers. The cloud architecture provides freedom and flexibility enabling agile development and quick deployment.

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