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Texas State Grant Program for Crime Victim Notification Systems 

Key points

  • Week of December 11, 2023: The submission period opens for the grant program for crime victim notification systems  

  • February 8, 2024: Grant submission period closes 

  • Submission qualification: Your agency must contact their applicable regional council of governments (COG) regarding their application and attend an application planning workshop, workgroup, and/or subcommittee. 

  • Funding match requirement: 20% of the total project (minimum award is $10,000) 

    • Matching funds can be cash or in-kind, such as IT, training, and personnel costs 

Grant Highlights

1.  Grant Program

Enacted on September 1, 2023, for crime victim notification systems

2.  Mandate  
The criminal justice division shall establish and administer a grant program to provide financial assistance to a law enforcement agency for purposes of purchasing or developing a crime victim notification system  


3.  Who Can Apply  
"Law enforcement agency" means an agency of the state or an agency of a political subdivision of the state authorized by law to employ peace officers 

4.  Project Period   
Projects may not exceed 12 months and must begin on or after 10/01/2024 and expire on or befor
e 9/30/2025

5.  Eligible Solution   

SPIDR Tech platform provides all the required features outlined in the Victim Notification Systems Program and can help your agency serve your victims efficiently and without the need for additional staff

SPIDR Tech – Victim Notification System

Your crime victims are amongst your most important customers 

Delivering outstanding service to crime victims is an important part of your agency’s work. Once an officer submits a crime report, the platform can automatically begin sending follow-up emails and text messages that will keep them informed as the investigation progresses.  

Configure and Deploy Based on Your Agency’s Needs

Fully control your messaging and surveys to victims with our highly configurable, end-to-end solution that offers a metrics dashboard

Keeps Victims Updated

Ensure your crime victims and reporting parties are informed as the case progresses with automatic case updates

Supports Multi-lingual Messaging and Surveys

Provide translations for languages represented within your community for an equitable victim experience

Provides Relevant Contact Information

Send automatic emails or texts from your RMS or case management systems regarding the victim's incident, such as investigator assignments, case number(s), arrest date, defendant arraignment date, and helpful resources (informational brochures, attachments)

Reduces Victim Stress

Requires no download of an application, creation of an account, or registration to receive these automated updates 

Measure and Improve Victim Experiences

Offers a robust survey tool that allows agencies or local units of government to benchmark community perception after an incident

Deploy in as Little as 30 Days 

  • Work with highly skilled engineers and project managers who focus on the unique configuration of your agency to provide the best solution possible 

  • Works with all major CAD, RMS, and CMS on the market  

  • Set deployment milestones and work with your assigned team from kickoff to launch 

  • Collaborate with an assigned Partner Success Manager for your ongoing needs and any adjustments needed post-launch 

We serve agencies in the State of Texas, and many major U.S. cities.
San Antonio

(References upon request)

Do you need assistance with the application process?

About the Victim Notification System 

Texas Bill: SB 2085 Summary

A crime victim notification system for which a law enforcement agency seeks a grant under this law must fulfill the below requirements. 


Notify a victim or relative of a deceased victim by e-mail or text message the following case information.  

  • date on which the incident report is created 

  • case number  

  • names of investigators who are assigned to the case 

  • the date: an arrest is made and an affidavit alleging probable cause is presented to the attorney representing the state  

  • any other information relevant to the case 


The system should interface with the agency's system of records and have configurable triggers to directly send messages. It should also provide the capability: 

  • to attach informational brochures or other electronic attachments to the messages 

  • for a person to check the status of the case with the agency 


The victim notification system should monitor the number and types of messages sent as well as enable the agencies to visualize that data. There must also be a survey tool so the agency can solicit feedback on victims’ services. 

This grant will be administered by the Governor Abbott’s office. or further information on the  General Victim Assistance Grant Program, FY2025, access the funding opportunity details.

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