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A Critical, Real-Time Crime Information Solution Keeping Our Communities Safer

Street Smart

Street Smart™ arms officers with critical, real-time crime information while on patrol on our nation’s city streets. This state-of-the-art tool enables officers to share relevant, structured and unstructured information through situation-based bulletins and police discussion boards. The ability to visualize data points on maps and aggregate and share relevant information in real-time, keeps LEOs up-to-speed, informed and protected as they patrol our streets. Instead of relying on handwritten notes and waiting for information to be disseminated via email on a 24-48 hour delayed cycle, our tools give officers the ability to connect-the-dots faster and accurately pinpoint crimes, patterns, and incidents.


Features and Capabilities

Full API

Allows easy integration into third-party or existing RMS and CAD systems

Search Elasticity

Search for any previously entered data point in the solution and to sort that data, providing an additional mechanism to parse data effectively

Data Feeds

Provide the ability to analyze data to draw conclusions that result in actionable items that reduce crime

Bulletin Management

Centralizes information in one location, in near real-time, delivering important bulletins to officers in the field

Crime Connector

Collects data about people, places, activities and assets and puts it in one place

Discussion Board

Provides a backbone for collaborative problem solving and brings information to an officer's attention faster than other methods

Any Device. Anywhere. Anytime.

Street Smart™ empowers Law Enforcement Officers to share information and intelligence in real time on any device. With this access, law enforcement personnel have better, faster information for everyday crucial decision-making, allowing them to solve crimes quicker and maximizing their effectiveness.


Reducing Crime, Enhancing Officer Safety & Improving Community Trust

Street Smart™ is an in-car, true, real-time crime-fighting and offender- management solution. Beyond just traditional CAD and RMS searches, the solution allows officers to stay apprised of activities and to collaborate using data feeds and content for situation-based bulletins, secure discussions, case management and officer-driven mapping visualization to solve crimes faster.

Crime Reduction Stats


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