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School Safety

Be proactive by following best practices to identify concerning behavior, investigate, assess, and manage a student’s well-being.


Follow Threat Assessment Models

Incorporate your team’s processes and forms while adhering to CSTAG, NTAC, and other threat assessment models.


Increase Student Well-Being

Create and follow individualized intervention plans to redirect students from a path to violence or self-harm.


Search Critical Information

Use a federated search to quickly pull critical information from most disparate, external data sources.

Automate & Streamline Case Management

Efficiently assess threats, document processes, and develop individual plans for early intervention.

Children with backpacks

Supporting school safety and student well-being by searching and displaying relevant, actionable risk information

Centralized Platform

Remove communication silos by importing existing records and automating data entry from multiple systems.

Student Information Documentation

Record, review, and manage student data easily to evaluate potential school safety risks more quickly.

Trend Identification

Analyze case data and search results to assess and develop individual plans to improve student well-being and safety.

Guided Student Well-Being Process

Follow the student behavior assessment process through a personalized dashboard to ensure needed support.

Dedicated to Keeping Schools Safe

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