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Seamless Records Management

Organize, search, and report detailed information with ease and efficiency, all in one user-friendly platform. 


Improve efficiency and productivity

Reduce the risk of data entry errors and stress on dispatchers with smart automations through our simple CAD integration.


Deploy across multiple jurisdictions

Share a single system across multiple boundaries to improve interoperability and autonomy.


Enhance data analysis and reporting

Simplify statutory reporting, including NIBRS and UCR2 compliance, to help identify trends and patterns that can inform decision-making and improve effectiveness.

Supporting over 72,000 sworn

See why public safety agencies across the globe/North America trust our automated record management system

RMS system on laptop

Empowering agencies with an easy and efficient way to integrate and manage data

Faster records entry

Seamless information management allows for a quick records entry process and easy searches.

Flexible display options

Mobile platform offers easy-to-navigate user interface for increased efficiency​.

Multi-database access

Bi-directional integration with NCIC/CPIC, NLETS, and State networks.

Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

Providing an accurate account of events for investigators or detectives when reviewing or presenting case evidence

Automatic Uploads

Audio and video files from the body-worn camera are CJIS-compliant.

Geofencing Capabilities

System provides automatic reports and alerts for critical areas such as school zones.

User Privacy Protection

Robust permission set and audit trails plus redaction tools ensure people are protected.

Easily Manage Video

Find, tag, and annotate footage easily within the system.

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Agencies We Serve

Some of our public safety partners

Support Proactive, Preventative & Response Work

Meet the demand for greater transparency, actionable insights, and community-focused policing.

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