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Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Contest

We would like to send out a SINCERE THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to apply to the award program this year! Such efforts foster collaboration and sharing within our Versaterm customer community!
The 2021 Versaterm Re: Invent Users Workshop will feature a presentation on the first, second and third award winners, as well as a number of other presentations that will be exciting and informative. Make sure you are in Tampa, Florida, for this key October event!
We are pleased to announce the following 2021 Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award winners:

First Prize

Anaheim Police Department

Watch Report

Second Prize

Unified Fire Authority (Greater Salt Lake)

Geographic Dispatch & Supporting Accountability Structure

Third Prize

Salt Lake City Police Department

Body Worn Camera (BWC) Reporting Approach

Details on the Innovation Award submission are available on vConnect.