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2023 Innovation Award

A New Year to Innovate

The rapid changes we see today from public opinion to government regulations to technology require problem-solving creativity and lead to innovative outcomes. We invite all customers from across our growing ecosystem to participate.

Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award 

This year and in the future, the award is expanding to include projects using solutions from across our ecosystem. And, we can’t wait to see what you’ve accomplished. Let’s keep up the decade-long tradition of a high participation rate.   

It’s Time to Share Your Innovative Projects 

Organizations and their IT departments continue to pivot do more and do it better, often with less. These types of environments are where creativity and innovation thrive. What are we learning from these projects? What were approaches taken? How were they executed? What were the metrics for success? These are all lessons in themselves and will help us tackle the next disruption.   

The award presentations are scheduled on the second day of the Users Workshop to provide the opportunity for onsite meetings. We believe this process offers more value to you, our Versaterm Public Safety customers.   

Please participate in the Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award this year.

Important Dates

Contest Opening Date  |  Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Contest Deadline Date for Submissions  |  Friday, March 24, 2023

Announcement of Winners  |  Tuesday, April 11, 2023


The Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award recognizes public safety agencies, forensic labs, court systems, schools, and others that use Versaterm Public Safety solutions (and related technology) to help solve problems that result in better outcomes for their organizations and respective communities.  

Versaterm Public Safety is looking for INNOVATION, or finding creative, new, and unique ways to do something! This award is meant to showcase successes in your organization, and to elevate the work that you do. Your successes should be shared and emulated. As we are all partners, sharing your knowledge with your industry peers makes us all stronger. 

This contest is aimed at: 

  1. Raising awareness that Versaterm Public Safety customers can present at the Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop, and 

  2. Raising awareness that sharing best practices and training is the purpose of the conference, and  

  3. Showcasing innovative measures taken in public safety organizations, forensic labs, court systems, and schools that use Versaterm solutions.   


To be eligible to participate in the Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award, your organization must be using at least one Versaterm Public Safety solution. In addition, your organization must have used Versaterm’s Public Safety solutions (and perhaps technology from other suppliers) to solve a problem faced by your group.

Submission Rules & Instructions 

Submission Form & Method 

Participating organizations must complete the submission which outlines information about the project, or the submission will not be processed. After completing the submission form, you must email the submission to Versaterm will acknowledge your submission once received. 

Submission Length 

Submissions must be a maximum of three pages single-spaced, with up to five screenshots or graphics in addition to the three pages. The preamble pages of the submission form are not included in the three-page count.  

Submission Life Cycle 

Submissions remain valid only for the year in which the submission is received, however, the same project can be resubmitted the following year if it did not receive an award the previous year. It is the responsibility of the organization to re-submit.   

Evaluation of Contest Submissions 

Submissions will be evaluated by the content of the forms.  A small panel of agency-neutral evaluators will review all submissions. The decision of the evaluators will be final. Please refer to the Important Dates section above for the date winners are expected to be announced. The announcement of the winners will allow Versaterm Public Safety to schedule them in the next annual Versaterm Public Safety Re:Invent Users Workshop and will allow the winners to plan their attendance at the annual Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop.


Points will be given based on the results, the WOW factor, and the effectiveness of the solution, rather than on the sophistication of the solution. Solutions that primarily use  Versaterm Public Safety ecosystem applications may get extra points. Points will also be awarded based on the magnitude of the project or the number of people impacted, and to projects that discuss the measurement of success. 

Permission to Post 

Since the Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award is built on the importance of sharing, Versaterm Public Safety retains the right to post or publish any information included in contest submissions. 

1st Prize

  • All expenses paid by Versaterm Public Safety, for two people to attend the annual Versaterm Re:invent Users Workshop, which includes their registrations, flights, hotel, and food allowances) 

  • A plaque will be presented to the organization/individual recognizing the benefits to public safety and the community 

  • The organization will be given a time slot in the agenda of the next annual Versaterm Re:invent Users Workshop to provide a presentation showcasing their accomplishment 

2nd Prize

  • Registration costs paid by Versaterm Public Safety, for two people to attend the annual Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop 

  • The organization will be given a time slot in the agenda of the next annual Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop to provide a presentation showcasing their accomplishment 

3rd Prize

  • Registration costs paid by Versaterm Public Safety, for one person to attend the annual Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop   

  • The organization will be given a time slot in the agenda of the next annual Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop to provide a presentation showcasing their accomplishment   


The prizes are awarded to the organization, and therefore, the organization shall determine who will attend the annual Versaterm Re:Invent Users Workshop and who will present the project.   


Achieving a Win 

This is an international contest. Submitting a winning entry is an achievement worth celebrating. It shows that your organization is innovative and progressive in how you use technology to become more effective and efficient in driving better outcomes and safer communities.   

Details on the Innovation Award submission are available on vConnect.

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