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Public Safety Dispatch 

The computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system is your workhorse mission-control technology. It must be reliable and provide the visibility needed to make smart critical decisions.  


Improve the Flow of Information

Fully integrated with both Versaterm CAD and the Mobile Workstation to ensure seamless data sharing.


Deploy Across Multiple Jurisdictions

The system can be shared across multiple areas for regional collaboration and information sharing to better track incidents of crime and other police-related data.


Speed Up Dispatching Processes

Well-constructed interface simplifies workflows for faster personnel and resource allocation while making mission-critical information available.

A Fast Reliable Way to Dispatch
Emergency Calls

An intuitive and customizable system with an integrated GPS-aided routing system for a more efficient and coordinated response. Versaterm mobile solutions offer agencies an extension for field response​. 

Phone operator wearing headset

Our cutting-edge and evolving fully featured, intelligent Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system has been supporting public safety agencies for over 45 years. The solution is intuitive, customizable, and offers quick access to information that keeps first responders safe by providing a fast and reliable way to dispatch emergency calls. 

Advanced call triage

Proven system helps identify proper call type for the incident.

Integrated GPS-aided routing

No add-on AVL needed to support unit routing, recommendations, and geolocation updates​.

Intuitive interface

Dispatch effectively by eliminating guesswork with a single click​.

Customer-centric 24/7 support

Our staff answers your call whenever you need support because your missions are critical to us.

Versaterm Cloud

Leveraging AWS (Amazon Web Services) architecture, we offer our powerful CAD solution as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) option for overall cost savings while ensuring anytime anywhere access with data protection. 

Versaterm MDT

Our CAD extension for vehicles with an intuitive interface. The solution provides users with a broad array of tools for managing dispatches, communicating with the dispatch center and other units or apparatus, performing call-related activities, and querying various databases.

Versaterm Mobile

An application delivering vital information in real-time when on foot. Responders are better prepared and more aware of what to expect before arriving on the scene. Away from their vehicles, Mobile enables responders to continually receive updates and remain in contact with dispatch.

Agencies We Serve

Some of our public safety partners

Supporting 500,000+ public safety professionals across 5 continents 

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