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Versaterm Professional Standards Training

Designed by IAPro experts, the program provides education to law enforcement professionals conducting thorough and effective investigations in a high-expectation environment

About the Versaterm Professional Standards Training Program

The Versaterm Professional Standards Training is a new comprehensive program of courses specifically designed for Professional Standards Investigators, Police Commanders, Field Supervisors or any staff responsible for upholding agency service standards to their community. Public safety today operates in an environment of high expectations as never before. Established processes and proactive approaches to internal investigations provide the foundation for accountability, transparency and community trust.


The program provides live, interactive sessions led by highly experienced instructors and covers instruction in the complexities of administrative investigations, ethical decision-making, early identification, officer wellness and additional topics focused on maintaining public support. Attendees are introduced to strategies and techniques for internal investigations that are then reinforced through practical scenarios.

View more details about the current sessions on the registration portal.

Key Benefits

Gain insights from experienced professionals in law enforcement and Professional Standards. Our IAPro instructors bring real-world experience and in-depth knowledge, ensuring a practical and relevant learning program.

Connect with peers and experts in the field, learning and sharing knowledge and insights with other professionals dedicated to upholding law enforcement standards. 

Professional Standards Made Simple

Maintain community trust and uphold agency reputation with the IAPro solution. Learn how our leading solution can easily provide expert support throughout today’s high-expectation environment.

Covering a wide range of topics from ethical decision-making to effective investigation techniques, the curriculum provides a holistic understanding of Professional Standards.

Professional Development

Demonstrate your commitment to ethical excellence and career advancement by leveraging these continuous learning opportunities that help to improve personnel’s professional skillset.

Designed For All

Support personnel complaint investigations, ethical decision-making processes and discipline throughout an agency with educational material designed for personnel at every experience level.

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Complaints Made Against Police Personnel 

The course will address complaints in detail, equipping agencies with the knowledge and skills needed to carry out internal investigations with confidence, compliance and ease. Designed for beginners in the Professional Standards division, this training supports Professional Standards Investigators, Police Commanders, Field Supervisors and other related law enforcement roles.  

The following topics will be covered: 

  • Overview of Professional Standards, including a Professional Standards Investigator’s role, structure, and responsibilities

  • Processes for receiving and handling complaints, detailing complaint basics, forms, intake errors, assessment and tracking 

  • Investigation procedures, conducting investigations, planning, evidence handling, interviews (reporting party, non-accused employees, accused employees) and report writing, including format and findings 

  • Disciplinary process, including types of discipline, due process and just cause for discipline

Upcoming Course Dates:

  • July 29 - August 1, 2024

  • September 30 - October 3, 2024 

  • January 20 - January 23, 2025 

This training is entirely online, no travel necessary. View more details on the registration portal.

Register for the Complaints Made Against Police Personnel course


If you have any questions throughout the registration process, please reach out to or call 800-620-8504 Ext. 730 

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