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Transformative Innovation in Policing & Public Safety: IACP 2023 Recap

As the world of policing and public safety undergoes remarkable changes, it's fascinating to see how professionals harness technology to better serve their communities. The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Annual Conference and Exposition (IACP 2023) held in sunny San Diego helped us to delve into what matters in today’s environment.

What made this year's conference particularly special was the opportunity for attendees to explore our new brand, a vital step in our journey to create a suite of solutions that seamlessly integrate to enhance community safety, promote service excellence, and drive just outcomes. Throughout the event, we enjoyed engaging conversations with attendees, which provided insights into the challenges they face, both within their agencies and in the field. These interactions emphasized common themes and shared insights within the industry, including the critical areas of community engagement, responder well-being, and the demand for comprehensive software tools that support every phase of incident management, from pre-response preparations to post-incident follow-ups.

Community Engagement

Community-led and proactive policing initiatives have become increasingly important. Agencies continue to show great interest in solutions that help them overcome challenges created by shifting public perception and demands. The growth in mobile technology has also transformed how public safety professionals can provide service to community members, with Statista citing that nearly 307 million people in the United States alone owned a smartphone in 2022.

These changing patterns have led to an opportunity for agencies to increase the frequency and transparency of their communications with community members. Delivering service excellence is now a key component of policing, and leveraging the right technology can help these professionals bridge this gap. For instance, Versaterm's SPIDR Tech provides 9-1-1 and non-emergency callers with automated incident updates via text or email for seamless connectivity at all stages of response through any investigation. Other solutions, like Versaterm's Case Service applications, ethically leverage conversational AI technology, more advanced versions of your one-dimensional chatbot, to manage non-emergency reports and calls efficiently, helping supply members of the public with the service they deserve no matter the situation. 

While prioritizing the needs of the public is important for public safety, agencies can also consider the operational impacts of this technology. Automation reduces the workload on your personnel, enables you to focus on higher priority issues, and helps you optimize resource allocation, including personnel. Data-driven decision-making empowers your officers to provide more efficient, individual services, strengthening community trust. The metrics also support justification for more resources by providing insights into public opinion, call data, and more. This enhanced service quality instills confidence among community members, fostering a safer environment.

Responder Health & Wellness

Retention and morale are hot topics in any industry today, and public safety is no exception. Agencies attending IACP 2023 noted that several interconnected factors, both internal and external, are impacting responder's enthusiasm toward and satisfaction with their roles. Low morale also has a significant influence on retention. An ongoing survey from the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) to monitor police staffing levels notes that there were "47 percent more resignations [of sworn officers] in 2022 than in 2019." As officers leave the force faster than recruits are joining, our team had many conversations with agencies about ways to help maintain a healthy, supported police force.

Early identification and intervention measures are especially important in sustaining the wellness of responders. Being proactive about monitoring and measuring how officers feel about their day-to-day duties and interactions with community members is an easy way to start noticing changes in mental health before any significant issues occur. Versaterm's EIPro provides this advanced early intervention support to frontline supervisors and command staff through real-time peer group analysis. Its intuitive dashboard enables easy access to an officer's recent incidents and - aided by visual indicators of areas of potential concern - helps identify when closer observation is needed. 

End-to-End Support

From call handling to prosecution, each component of the public safety process plays an integral role in maintaining safe and thriving communities. The insights we gathered from our discussions highlighted a desire for user-focused, end-to-end support that spans across all of these elements. With the right technology, agencies can leverage this interconnectivity to streamline workflows and ensure meaningful outcomes. At Versaterm, we aim to achieve just that - a holistic ecosystem tailored for public safety. We have an unwavering commitment to offer solutions that genuinely address the challenges agencies face today, and preemptively consider those of tomorrow. Every facet of our system is designed to enhance the end-user experience through our dedication to customer service.

See You in Boston for IACP 2024!

Year after year, the IACP Conference stands as a cornerstone event for bringing the industry together to discuss challenges and explore solutions. Conversations and sessions inspire us to continue evolving our ecosystem of solutions to better meet the modern challenges agencies face. We're excited to continue to help advance the future of law enforcement, and we look forward to seeing you in Boston for IACP 2024 at Booth 2231. 

Connect with us today to learn more about our comprehensive ecosystem of solutions for public safety.


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