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The Journey to ISO Excellence & Why It Matters for Forensic Labs

Upholding the highest standards of security is necessary for any crime lab or forensic unit due to the sensitive information they handle related to ongoing investigations. The increasing complexity and volume of evidence, coupled with growing public expectations for transparency from public agencies, has made upholding these levels of protection even more important. 


We are proud to announce that the Versaterm LIMS product line, LIMS-plus and LIMS-plus DNA, has passed the ISO 27001 audit once again with a perfect score. This accomplishment also marks our successful upgrade from ISO 27001:2015 to the latest 2022 standards. Being tested under stricter guidelines highlights our commitment to helping laboratories achieve and maintain the highest levels of information security with their lab management solutions as well as support their own certification efforts. 


The Journey to Excellence & Why It Matters 

The updated criteria of ISO 27001:2022 reflects the evolving digital landscape and the increasing sophistication of information security risks facing crime labs and forensic units. Performing the transition required a comprehensive review of our existing security practices and policies to ensure the LIMS product line was prepared for modern cyber threats. It required us to analyze every element of our Information Security Management System (ISMS), from policy documentation to implementing security controls. The process was thorough, necessitating a collaborative effort to align our practices with the revised standards and controls. 


While data breaches continue to affect crime labs and forensic units everywhere, ensuring the security of our partners' data is not just a responsibility—it's our top priority. Achieving ISO 27001:2022 recertification demonstrates our capability to protect sensitive information against security threats, build trust with our partners and provide them with the peace of mind they deserve.  


This achievement was made possible through our entire team's hard work and dedication. Their exceptional skills, combined with their commitment to excellence, played a critical role in not only meeting but exceeding the audit requirements. 


Looking Forward 

Passing the ISO 27001:2022 recertification with a perfect score is a significant achievement, but it's just the beginning. It reinforces our commitment to ongoing improvement and excellence in information security. We remain focused on continuing to enhance our security measures, stay ahead of threats and ensure that our partners' data is protected by the highest security standards. 


Versaterm LIMS is a comprehensive case management software tool that integrates evidence tracking, analytical results and lab management information, giving a clear view of your laboratory operations and of every case handled. As an ISO 27001:2022 solution, your laboratory can be prepared to face and overcome modern information security risks. 


Learn more about Versaterm LIMS and other solutions for crime labs and forensic units in our purpose-built ecosystem today. 


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