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The Intersection of Safety and Technology in Today's Schools

School safety has always been an important topic, but the idea of what it truly means has evolved over time. While the goal of ensuring a safe learning environment remains the same, the approaches have adapted by introducing more holistic and proactive practices. The now dynamic nature of school safety has educational institutions looking for proactive solutions.    


There has been a notable shift in both federal and state funding from predominantly physical fortifications to a more comprehensive approach. While the conventional investments in metal detectors, cameras, self-locking doors, and bulletproof windows have been and remain important components in enhancing security, there is a growing recognition that software solutions for case management and early intervention also play a pivotal role in strengthening threat assessment and prevention measures. The focus is now expanding towards equipping threat assessment teams with innovative tools designed to support proactive intervention and effective case management. This strategic shift acknowledges the importance of leveraging technology to not only respond to threats but also to prevent them.  


Noticing signs or trends of issues before they grow into a real problem is an important part of this prevention. When assessing a student, there are many sources to gather information on a student's behavior or mental health, criminal history, familial situations, student incident data, social media, or even from prior threat assessments. Managing large amounts of data and siloed processes, especially when records between schools, districts, or state agencies are difficult to share, adds a layer of complexity to finding the necessary insights for accurately assessing students. In this blog, we’ll discuss some trends in school safety, and the technology that supports these efforts.   


The Continuing Importance of Threat Assessment Teams  

One of the key elements in keeping students safe today is the school-based threat assessment team. These groups play an important role in assessing and managing potential risks within educational institutions. By bringing together professionals like administrators, counselors, teachers, and school resource officers, they create a support system that's not just reactive but also proactive.   


These teams should guide students, faculty, and staff in recognizing threatening behavior, identify who should be informed about threats, establish threat assessment policies, and report data on their assessments. According to the Pew Research Center, around 64% of all schools in the United States reported having a threat assessment team in place during the 2019-2020 school year. Growing by more than 20% since 2016, it’s clear that these teams are more than likely to remain critical for school safety in the future.  


The availability of information from multiple, often disparate sources, has made the role of threat assessment teams even more complex. This data can be difficult and time consuming to access through traditional methods, especially as relevant information can be stored in multiple locations or databases. Modern case management solutions make access to critical information much easier through data integrations and secure search features with consolidated results. These tools allow your team to more accurately assess a student and determine the best plan of action moving forward. Thus, with accurate assessments, you can easily create individualized intervention plans for students in need to provide them with tailored support no matter the situation.  


A Holistic Approach to Intervention and Support  

School safety initiatives can seem ineffective due to communication challenges among community partners that slow the exchange of important information. For example, when a student changes schools, it can be difficult to access those older records or if a minor incident occurs in another county. However, innovative software is now playing a pivotal role in fostering a more cohesive and comprehensive approach to school safety and student wellbeing. By providing a unified platform for various stakeholders, including law enforcement, school administrators, and threat assessment teams, these solutions enable real-time information sharing and collaboration. This not only helps expedite the response to potential threats but ensures a more holistic and integrated approach to school safety.  


Case management software with integration and search capabilities can provide team members with secure access to timely and accurate information from multiple sources via a single search. With data now easily accessible, threat assessment teams can quickly identify areas of concern, make informed assessments, and use early intervention strategies to manage students’ safety and well-being. Secure access to critical information during an individual threat assessment is invaluable in today’s school safety landscape. This information can then be used to enhance case management programs.  


Unified Processes & Procedures

 Unified processes with cross-division communication help ensure those involved with school safety are aware of possible situations and what the appropriate steps are. Ultimately, these standardized safety measures offer peace of mind for those involved in the school safety process. Ideally, your team can incorporate its forms and procedures to adhere to prominent threat assessment models to ensure that everyone in the school community is on the same page. This standardization, assisted by tools such as Versaterm CaseWorX for Schools, not only enhances school safety but also instills a sense of confidence in staff, making the learning environment more conducive to growth and success.  


 Prioritizing Well-Being in Modern School Safety  

The evolving school safety landscape is prioritizing the well-being of students and staff. As a result, schools are deploying more comprehensive strategies for better prevention, intervention, and support plans. Modern case management software digitizes the threat assessment process and provides features to assist in efficiently gathering critical information. By enabling seamless collaboration of various stakeholders, these tools empower a more comprehensive understanding of threats and enhance the effectiveness of response strategies. The importance of such technology lies in its ability to help teams meet best practices in threat assessment and management of case information. Overall, this improved access and communication help support better outcomes for at-risk students and create a secure environment, extending this positive impact to broader communities.  


Discover how Versaterm’s school safety solutions can support your threat assessment team, or schedule a meeting with one of our school safety experts.  


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