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Quickly Connect the Dots with Search Nearby

Versaterm’s Search Nearby feature provides users with a quick and easy way to see crimes that have occurred near a specific address of interest (very similar to using a Google search for nearby restaurants around your hotel).

Using your RMS data, the Search Nearby feature quickly identifies emerging crime patterns, which can help link vehicles or suspects to multiple events and assists in the redeployment of resources to targeted Patrol areas. This helpful feature does not replace in-depth Crime Analytics, rather, it streamlines the search process for day-to-day operations.

The search begins with any address of interest. The search criteria options allow you to filter by radius, date range, and types of reports. From the results that appear on the map, crime analysts and detectives can immediately to drill down to a neighborhood, street, or block to evaluate incidents that happened within a designated area or timeframe. With a single click, the full details of a case report, arrest, or ticket are available.

Put your Versaterm RMS information to work. Save time and accelerate your search results with Versaterm’s Search Nearby.


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