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Our People Make The Difference!

I started my career at Versaterm almost six years ago in 2015 after working for several years in the public safety software industry, where I performed various roles such as product management.

At Versaterm, I have been able to build on this experience, and I now work in a number of different capacities with our RMS, CAD, and mobility solutions. I’ve had the pleasure of working with many agencies as their Project and Account manager, seeing projects from the early days of implementation through to train-the-trainer training and on-going support. Product demos, testing, and implementations also make up a big part of my work at Versaterm. I have dedicated my career to supporting our Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS personnel with state-of-the-art software, expertise, and support. I believe that by providing them with reliable and advanced tools, we can make a difference in officer, responder, and civilian safety.

I picked Versaterm for the people. It feels like a family here, where everyone helps everyone, and no one ‘does their job.’ We all work together to make sure our clients get the best service. I especially love working for a company that has happy clients because, after all, our clients are also part of the Versaterm family.


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