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Our First Responders.

Being in our high-tech industry, we’ve always believed in the importance of human interaction. We believe that top-notch customer support involves positive interactions with everyone in our company. We are proud to say that whenever our customers call our office, they are always greeted by one of our friendly administrative staff members… Crystal Champagne, and Natalie Desabrais. They are our "first responders", so to speak, and they are a crucial part of our success!

A special thanks to Crystal and Natalie, for everything they do, everyday, to make Versaterm a fantastic place to work. They handle our everyday needs (beyond the phones), from logging incoming support emails and arranging travel needs, to ensuring a safe, fun and tidy workplace; all of the things that allow everyone else at Versaterm to focus on our customers' needs. Their passion for serving others extends to organizing holiday celebrations for our staff and customers, handling the logistics of our annual users workshops, and so much more! Our admin staff members are truly the backbone of #TeamVersaterm, and we really appreciate them!


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