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5 reasons to live in Ottawa, Ontario!

Ottawa is known as one of the largest and most respected tech hubs in Canada and has been ranked twice in the past five years, as one of the best cities to live in Canada by Money Sense Magazine.

So what makes Ottawa such a great city to live in?

Prosperous Economy:

Ottawa employs 72,000 in the tech sector alone and has the lowest unemployment rate at 5%. We have a fantastic culture scene, and the median income is around $91,000. Combine that with stable and well-paying government jobs, and you have a level of economic diversity that is the envy of Canada.

Quality of life:

Ottawa has been listed in a variety of publications as one of the most desirable cities to live in by providing an excellent quality of life. It is a beautiful city that is well maintained and offers top-notch health care and education, affordable housing, and plenty of culture and entertainment.

Easy to get around:

Ottawa has a world-class transportation system that is about to get better in the next few years with an underground tunnel in the downtown core and light rail. Ottawa has an international Airport, two train stations, and a major bus terminal. It’s said that you can get from one end of town to the other in 20 to 30 minutes, outside of rush hours.

Clean City:

Mercer ranked Ottawa as one of the highest quality of living of any large city in the Americas and 14th highest in the world. It is also rated the second cleanest city in Canada, and third cleanest city in the world.

Low Crime Rate:

According to Readers Digest, Ottawa has the lowest violent crime rate in the country, which might be a big reason why the publication gave it the second place on their list of the best Canadian cities to raise a family.

Whether you come to Ottawa to pursue a career, for leisure, to raise your family or a combination of all of these things, you’ll find that life in Ottawa offers big city living without the big city costs.

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