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Duncan McKirdy

I began my career at Versaterm in Summer 2017 after graduating with a degree in Computer Science. While in school, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience in both the public and private sector including having a student placement at Versaterm in 2016. Of all my placements, the experience I had at Versaterm was by far the most engaging and memorable, both in terms of the people and the work experience I gained, so they were at the top of my list when I was ready to start my career.

Since then, I’ve worked with the US RMS team using my skills to tackle both development and support tasks. The variety of the work is a lot of fun and I love being able to take on a support issue and efficiently resolve client issues. Our clients are great and being able to help them do their jobs is something I take great pride in.

What I enjoy most about working at Versaterm is the people. No one is ever too important or too busy to provide a nudge in the right direction, be it for a customer issue or development task. Everyone wants you to succeed and it’s great to be in an environment where the company culture really promotes that kind of positive encouragement.


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