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Congratulating Marty Gaudet on 25 years with Versaterm!

There is a saying “A place is only as good as the people you know in it. It's the people that make the place.” Over the past 25 years, one of those people whose impact has been immeasurable and is felt across the entire Versaterm suite is Martin Gaudet.

25 years ago, a fresh-faced Marty Gaudet was hired at Versaterm after completing a five-week co-op project to complete his studies in Computer Science. At the time Marty had a few other offers both in the public and private sector but as he says, during that short time with the company, he got a feeling that maybe Versaterm was the place for him.

“I had only been exposed to Versaterm’s work, culture, and people for a short period of time, but knew that this company was special. At that time, I didn’t know what made Versaterm special, but it was enough to deter me from accepting a full-time position anywhere else”

Over the years, Marty has worn many hats across the entire suite of Versaterm products. From learning how Versaterm’s products integrated with NCIC and CPIC, to Canadian RMS development and the CAD 7.0 redesign, as well as CAD/MDT implementations as the technical lead. Marty’s work has touched the entire product line and many of you likely benefited from his knowledge and unflappable calm demeanor. Over the years, these experiences helped him understand and appreciate large scale projects and more importantly how we, Versaterm, are partners with our customers – not simply a vendor.

Today, he’s a Project Tech Team Lead and is involved in a few teams, including our after-hours support team, our Project Tech team and our Database infrastructure team.

Ultimately Marty says the feeling he had when he started with us proved to be true.

“At the time, I didn’t understand what attracted me to join this team, but I quickly recognized it was the people and culture. People at Versaterm always have time to listen, whether it’s business related or personal. They always seem to be wearing the right ‘hat’ for the discussion that you bring to them.”

We couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Marty, for all your hard work and being a big part of the Versaterm family!


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