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Our People Make The Difference!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

I joined Versaterm in the summer of 2016. At that time, I had recently graduated from college with a Computer Science degree. Combined with nearly 10 years of experience in IT support, I had the good fortune of considering numerous companies to move forward with in the next stage of my career.

Versaterm’s proven track record in supporting dozens of the Nation’s leading Police, Fire and EMS agencies impressed me. I learned that success was driven by a talented team of people committed to innovation, customer satisfaction and a company culture where every employee (regardless of title) is valued for their effort and individual abilities.

Looking back now at my experience here, Versaterm has exceeded my expectations by providing me with an opportunity to leverage my skills and interests while supporting the needs of public safety professionals facing ever-increasing demands in the communities they serve.

During my first year, I was tasked with modernizing our NIBRS system for report validation and submission to various state agencies. That project set the stage for my transition to the US RMS team as a support engineer and, ultimately, to my current position as the primary NIBRS Developer and Support Specialist for UCR to NIBRS conversion projects.

This specialized role allows me to collaborate with the amazing Versaterm team, build close relationships with our customers, creating a sense of ownership of “my” area of the product, and more importantly, confirming every day I undoubtedly made the right decision five years ago.


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