Versaterm Announces the Acquisition of TechVoice

Versaterm, a leading provider of public safety and law enforcement software solutions, is pleased to announce the just-completed acquisition of TechVoice, Inc., a privately held company that specializes in providing conversational engagement technologies to the public safety sector.

“Our goal is to integrate TechVoice’s ground-breaking work in the areas on automated citizen engagement and voice recognition/AI with our entire suite of products,” says Warren Loomis, Versaterm’s CEO.  “This will open an entirely new dimension of functionality that will streamline public safety operations, and at the same time, enable agencies to improve citizen service levels.  Not only will Versaterm be able to offer a fully integrated and easy to use citizen reporting module, we will also be able to incorporate other services that were not possible before.  For example, a caller to a police communication center who does not require an immediate response by an officer can quickly be directed into an intelligent system where they can engage via web, mobile app, text messaging, and even through voice.  

The core technology that makes this possible will become an integral part of all our systems.  This is just the latest example of Versaterm’s continual product evolution, providing additional benefits to our customers by keeping our systems modern, reliable, and evergreen”.

As part of this transaction, the founders of TechVoice (formerly called, “Ten8Tech”), will be joining Versaterm as full-time employees. The President and CEO of TechVoice, Anthony Formhals, and Eric Geerdes (Co-founder, COO) both combine law enforcement backgrounds with deep technology experience.  Mr. Formhals said, “Over the last eight years, Ten8Tech has successfully provided Case Service as a better way for police agencies to serve citizens who need help in non-emergency situations. Joining with Versaterm creates an opportunity to bring our technology into a much broader spectrum of citizen engagement, benefiting both Versaterm’s customers and the citizens they serve".

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Versaterm is a major supplier of public safety software solutions for Police, Fire, and EMS agencies across North America.  For over 40 years, Versaterm has been supplying agencies, large and small, with a fully integrated Computer Aided Dispatch System, Records Management System, Mobile Data and Field Reporting.  Our dedication to public safety involves designing innovative software solutions empowered by advanced technologies, employing professionals who care about making a difference.

Welcome Bucks County to the Versaterm family!

Versaterm is proud to welcome Bucks County, PA into the Versaterm family.  Bucks County will be using Versaterm’s proven vCAD and vMobile products to support emergency dispatching services provided by the countywide 9-1-1 system. 

Bucks County Emergency Communications supports 100+ independent agencies, including 40 individual law enforcement entities, 60 volunteer and combination fire departments and 17 emergency medical services, as well as a number of County-based and State-based agencies by responding to 600K+ calls for service  annually. The county operates approximately 100 CAD positions which includes the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP), administration and training positions, backup CAD positions and Command Vehicle posts.  

We look forward to this project and our new partnership with Bucks County.



The Government of Saskatchewan goes live with vRMS!

Congratulations to the Government of Saskatchewan Law Enforcement Consortium on recently going live with vRMS. This ambitious multi-jurisdictional project makes the Government of Saskatchewan the first institution to implement an RMS for non-traditional police law enforcement agencies! Government ministries participating in this initiative include:

Special thanks to PRISM, the Provincial Records and Information System Management implementation team, for their hard work implementing a system that oversees 300 officers spread out over 400,000 square miles and includes interfaces to the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency I/CAD for transferring calls and vRMS queries!

Congratulations once again to Saskatchewan and welcome to the Versaterm family!

  • Ministry of the Environment

  • Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Justice

  • Ministry of Government Relations

The resulting integration and sharing of information has built stronger bonds and working relationships between the partner agencies. The value and power of sharing the same modern vRMS provides all agencies with immediate access to each other’s information, saving time and expediting their ability to work collaboratively to detect and prevent crime.


Welcome San Mateo County to the Versaterm family!

Versaterm extends a warm welcome to San Mateo County Public Safety Communications and their partner agencies as they kick off their vCAD project. This multi-jurisdictional installation for Police, Fire, and EMS provides San Mateo County with a feature-rich system that focuses on gaining efficiencies for call takers and dispatchers while officers in the field benefit from Versaterm’s fully-integrated mobile solution keeping important information close at hand when they need it most.


With a go-live anticipated in late 2019, this project includes many interfaces, including ReddiNet to provide real-time hospital status information within CAD, a two-way interface to Deccan LiveMUM to provide move-up recommendations, and an interface with ShotSpotter to automatically create calls for service when a gunshot is detected. 

San Mateo County covers the majority of the San Francisco Peninsula located between San Francisco and Santa Clara counties. The County of San Mateo Office of Public Safety Communications provides call 

We look forward to embarking on this enterprise-wide project with San Mateo County. Welcome to the Versaterm family and community!

taking and dispatch services for a number of agencies in the county, including the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and their three contract cities, three municipal police departments, nine fire departments, all ambulance services county-wide, and multiple county non-emergency service agencies.​

Congratulations to the Ventura City PD who went live with the Versaterm CAD and Mobile software on December 4, 2018!

VPD’s implementation project began back in March 2018 and completed on schedule.  A special thanks goes out to the VPD Implementation team for their hard work throughout this successful project.  As a result, Ventura’s Public Safety dispatchers are now live with Versaterm’s proven CAD system which is intuitive, powerful, and offers quick access to information.  In addition, front line officers appreciate Versaterm’s fully integrated mobile software which provides them with information at their fingertips including important data for situational awareness.  Together, Versaterm CAD and mobile software is a comprehensive set of tools to help keep first responders safe in the field.


As a next step, Ventura PD will be implementing Versaterm’s vRMS (Records Management System), by joining the Santa Barbara Police 

Department’s vRMS system, which has been up and running for some time now. As with Versaterm’s other multi-jurisdictional sites, the value and power of sharing the same RMS will provide both agencies with immediate access to each other’s information which saves time and expedites their ability to work collaboratively to detect and prevent crime.  Because criminals tend to move between neighboring cities, sharing a database between Police Departments is the smartest approach to maximize interoperability and expose criminal activity. And Versaterm’s multi-jurisdictional RMS gives police officers the power of knowledge at their fingertips, providing easy access to search information from their cars, using the Versaterm Mobile Data Terminal (vMDT) software.

Ventura PD’s vRMS implementation is expected to be live before the end of 2019.

The Ventura Police Department is considered one of the most modern and progressive agencies in California.  Ventura City has a population of around 110,000 and the Police Department employs 134 sworn officers and 43 civilian staff.  On average, the department handles over 90,000 calls-for-service a year and processes nearly 40,000 reports. 

Versaterm once again wishes the members of the Ventura PD a warm welcome to the Versaterm family and community!


Versaterm announces the Hillsboro Police Department in the Versaterm vCloud!

Versaterm is pleased to announce that the Hillsboro Police Department is live on the Versaterm vCloud. Versaterm vCloud brings the power of the Versaterm solution to the fingertips of every police officer. Mobility, coupled with out-of-the-box data sharing and analytics, makes Versaterm vCloud a powerful crime-fighting and community service tool.


diverse populations, and a strong economic base. Versaterm congratulates the Hillsboro PD and welcomes them to the cloud!

 Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), vCloud is fully CJIS compliant with both the database and application stack securely hosted in the GovCloud, a specialized area in the cloud designed to host sensitive data. Hillsboro PD will enjoy the flexibility of agile development and quick deployment secure in the knowledge that Versaterm is their full-service system partner. vCloud provides them with unparalleled scalability, data security both in transit and at rest, and a cost-effective solution.​

With over 100,000 residents, Hillsboro is Oregon’s fifth largest city boasting award-winning urban planning, an affordable cost of living,


Versaterm Announces PSNet Agencies in vCloud!

Versaterm is pleased to announce the PSNet agencies (Beaverton Police Department, Washington County Sheriff’s Office, and the King City Police Department) are live on the Versaterm vCloud.   Versaterm vCloud brings the power of the Versaterm solution to the fingertips of every police officer.  Mobility, coupled with out-of-the-box data sharing and analytics, makes Versaterm vCloud a powerful crime-fighting and community service tool.

Versaterm congratulates the PSNet agencies and welcomes them to

the cloud!

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), vCloud is fully CJIS compliant with both the database and application stack securely hosted in the GovCloud, a specialized area in the cloud designed to host sensitive data. PSNet agencies enjoy the flexibility of agile development and quick deployment secure in the knowledge that Versaterm is their full-service system partner. vCloud provides unparalleled scalability, data security both in transit and at rest, and a cost-effective solution for our PSNet partners.


Mesa Police Department will be implementing vRMS, vMRE, vMDT and vMobile!

Versaterm is pleased to announce a partnership with the City of Mesa (Arizona) that will bring modern Records Management and Mobile Data solutions to the Mesa Police Department (MPD).  The City of Mesa will be leveraging the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure for the hosting of the Versaterm vRMS, vMRE, vMDT and vMobile applications.


The City of Mesa is home to nearly 500,000 people and is currently ranked as the 36th largest city in the United States.  MPD’s 800+ sworn officers as well as 400+ civilian personnel will utilize the Versaterm applications to more easily and accurately respond to police calls, write/review incident reports, manage property, analyze statistics and more. With Mesa joining other Arizona-based Versaterm clients (Phoenix, Tempe and Chandler), the ability to share valuable police data becomes much more seamless.  

The project will include the implementation of a NIBRS compliant RMS system to allow for mandated FBI reporting and Versaterm’s full Mobile suite that provides officers with access to real-time vital information from anywhere.  


The Configuration phase kicks off in August 2018 with an anticipated go-live by the end of 2019.

Congratulations to the Minneapolis Police Department!​

Versaterm extends a warm welcome to the City of Minneapolis, the first Versaterm customer in the state of Minnesota, who joined the Versaterm community earlier this summer!  On June 5, 2018, the Minneapolis Police Department went live with the Versaterm RMS in a multi-jurisdictional environment in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Police and the Minneapolis Park Police.  

The implementation of Versaterm's RMS, Mobile Workstation and numerous interfaces, supports the evolving changes in legislation, technology and policies.  Together with modernized technology and efficient business processes, these systems provide the foundation for the City of Minneapolis to continue the delivery of professional police services.

Congratulations to MPD's Lt Gregory Reinhardt and to City IT Project Manager Kevin Lutz for leading the Minneapolis implementation team through a successful implementation project!  A big round of applause to the Implementation Team who worked very hard at

making this happen.  And thank you very much to the Police Command Staff and to the City IT officials who supported this project!


Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota, and is home to approximately 400,000 residents. Minneapolis is also part of a larger metropolitan area including Saint Paul, the state’s capital, with a total metro-area population registering nearly 3.4 million people.  MPD employs approximately 888 sworn officers and 300 civilian employees. 

Hillsborough County's 'Get Out of

Jail Card'

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office has replaced their 30-year legacy system with Versaterm’s Jail Management System, an advanced system designed to efficiently manage inmates. While the legacy system had served them well in the past, HCSO recognized the opportunity to take advantage of everything a modern JMS could offer, while at the same time achieving greater integration with their existing Versadex Records Management System. 


HCSO's Department of Detention Services (the 8th largest detention facility in the US) accommodates approximately 5,000 beds, and is responsible for the housing, custody, and care of all persons incarcerated in Hillsborough County, employing approximately 900 sworn members and 425 civilian members.  


One of the best features of the Versaterm JMS is the ability to effectively manage the movement of inmates.  At a glance, it allows staff to see where an inmate is and where they are going, with the 

flexibility of adding stops between the starting and final destinations.  A true measurable benefit of the new JMS is the amount of time it now takes the jail to complete a headcount; the new process now takes less time, and is more detailed than ever before!


Another powerful feature that is highly valued by the jail, is the software’s Jail Log feature.  It provides an audit trail for recording changes made to booking data, inmate records, and also allows users to enter classification, housing and other types of user-generated entries. The types of entries are limitless and everything is searchable to include free-form text searches. 

The benefits and increased efficiencies of the Versaterm JMS are significant and apparent.  Versaterm congratulates the HCSO project team for their outstanding job in developing new processes and providing training to end-users.  Their dedication to this project made for a smooth transition, as they set free from their old systems and old processes.  


"None of this would have been possible without the support of the Versaterm Team. They are responsive, understanding, and professional which has eased the transition from our legacy system to the JMS.”  
~ Corporal Grant Elliott of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office


Austin Police Department is now

NIBRS Certified! 

Versaterm is proud to announce that the Austin Police Department is now NIBRS-certified.  Congratulations Austin PD on your achievement!  This state-legislated requirement was made possible, thanks to the support of Austin PD’s Executive Team, the Austin PD members who worked hard at testing and implementing processes to ensure data quality, and the team at the Texas Department of Public Safety who collaborated with Austin PD and Versaterm to ensure a successful certification process. 

Benefits of NIBRS data
As of January 1, 2021, all law enforcement agencies will be required to document and report crime data based on the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) requirements, which provides a detailed and more inclusive method of gathering and reporting crime data.  

Using the NIBRS data, which is a more comprehensive set of data,

agencies can identify patterns and trends, in order to have a more complete overview of crime statistics within their city.  This new way of data collection is meant to help prevent crime by allowing more informed conversations with the community on crime reduction, and it provides transparency related to crime and social issues within the city.  Overall, complying with NIBRS reporting is expected to have a long term positive effect on understanding crime issues, as well as addressing issues related to the quality of life.  For the citizens of Austin, this means increased accountability on the status of public safety within the city, increased accountability on the most efficient and effective use of resources, and finally, increased transparency with crime reporting.  Ultimately, accountability and improved public services are the primary benefits resulting from this transition.

Certification Process
n Texas, for a law enforcement agency to be NIBRS-certified, the agency must first have a NIBRS-compatible RMS (Records Management System), which has the ability to collect data from the agency and then extract it into a monthly file that meets the state’s specifications.  In order for RMS vendors to be certified with the state, the agency is required to provide three consecutive months of data with 4% or less error rate.  The Austin PD employs 2,594 sworn members. Versaterm congratulates the Austin PD for achieving this certification.

Natural Use
Versaterm’s field-based reporting software (vMRE) and Records Management System (vRMS) have evolved over the past 20+ years to meet the operational needs of the Police, while also adhering to state-mandated requirements such as NIBRS reporting, in addition to other legislative requirements such as racial profiling and use of force. To keep up with ever-changing needs, Versaterm continually evolves both products, while ensuring a natural use experience for our end-users.  The Austin PD has implemented Versaterm’s latest versions of the vMRE and vRMS, which include Versaterm’s new integrated NIBRS validation helper; a great feature that takes the officer directly to the field or screen that needs to be corrected.  This new feature has been very well received, making it easier and even faster for officers to complete their reports in compliance with the NIBRS data collection rules.

About Versaterm
Versaterm specializes in integrated software solutions for public safety agencies (Police, Fire, and EMS).  The Versaterm product suite combines advanced mobile technology, with sophisticated software to give agencies the efficiency, flexibility, and control they need from their information management systems in today’s fast-paced world.  With over four decades of industry expertise, Versaterm offers Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (vCAD), Records Management Systems (vRMS), and Mobility Solutions for public safety agencies.  Since 1977, Versaterm has been passionate about supporting front line first responders.  Our dedication to public safety involves designing innovative and intuitive software solutions empowered by the most advanced technologies, employing professionals who care about making a difference and adapting to ever-changing needs.  Versaterm delivers solutions hosted "in the cloud," powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing true SaaS (Software as a Service) with dynamic scalability and configurability.


Versaterm wins Best Innovation ISV! 

From our partners at Four Js: "The ‘Best Innovation for an ISV’ award goes to Versaterm Inc., a leader in public safety systems in Canada and the USA. Successful ISVs frequently reinvent themselves and Versaterm is an excellent example of that. One of the first to see the potential of Mobile, their vision for Genero as a one-stop shop to render one business logic across all platforms was one of the drivers behind our Universal Rendering concept.

They also embraced Genero Web Services very early on, which today not only serves their customers but also the community-at-large as a distinguished, ‘government selected’ Service Provider."


Ventura City Police Department on board with Versaterm!

Versaterm extends a warm welcome to the Ventura City Police Department as they join the Versaterm community. Ventura City will not only be using Versaterm’s full product suite, they will also be implementing the vRMS in a multi-jurisdictional environment with the Santa Barbara Police Department. This pacific coast city has a population of around 110,000 and the Police Department employs 134 sworn officers and 43 civilian staff.


On average, the department handles over 90,000 calls-for-service a year and processes nearly 40,000 reports.  The first vCAD/vMDT implementation workshop got off to a great start in March and we look forward to a fall 2018 go live  which will be followed by the vRMS/vMRE implementation. Great job all around and a special thanks to Asst. Police Chief Darin Schindler and his team for their excellent work!

Sacramento County Sheriff's Department adds vRMS & vMRE to their Versaterm Product Suite!

Versaterm is very proud to announce that the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has chosen to enhance their vCAD/vMDT product suite with the vRMS and vMRE. Sacramento County originally went into production with vCAD/vMDT in 2010, incorporating Mapping, Automatic Vehicle Location, the Versaterm Crime Analysis Package (vCAP) as well as interfaces to variety of external systems including CLETS, County, and Vesta E911.


The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is also scheduled to be the first Versaterm customer to leverage the vRMS on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure. Implementation meetings are now underway with a fall 2019 go-live schedule. We would like to send a shout-out to Lt. Dan Morrissey and his team for their years of dedication and determination, and we look forward to bringing Sacramento County complete system integration. 

Medicine Hat Fire Service implements our vCAD and vMDT solutions.

Versaterm is pleased to announce that the City of Medicine Hat (Alberta) Fire Service has partnered with Versaterm to implement our FireCAD and Fire Mobile Data Terminal (vMDT) solutions. With the City’s Police Department already using vCAD and vMDT, the decision to implement the same product suite for the Fire Services not only allowed for a smooth transition for call takers and dispatchers but also enabled a seamless integration between Police and Fire allowing them to easily share pertinent call and address information including Hazards, Pre-Incident-Plans, etc.


In addition to supporting emergency dispatch services for the City of Medicine Hat, the Dispatch Centre also handles dispatching of Fire and Emergency Services for 24 neighboring communities, including the County of Forty Mile, Cypress County. The latest releases of vCAD (7.5) and vMDT (7.6) are installed, allowing users to take advantage of modern technology with rich GIS features such as 

mapping of gas lines, water pipes, storm sewers, as well as the ability to query hydrant information and more, all within vMDT maps.


The new vCAD system also includes interfaces such as AVL and AVRR (Automated Vehicle Routing Recommendation), Call for service transfers to their existing Fire RMS, as well as integration with Paramount Fire ProQA. In the near future, the City of Medicine Hat is also planning to implement various other interfaces including vMobile, as well as automatic updates to vCAD from their existing Fire RMS for address contacts and other related information.

Kudos to the Medicine Hat implementation team for being fully engaged in this implementation project as well as keeping users involved ensuring a successful roll out. We are thrilled to have Medicine Hat Fire Services joining the Versaterm family and are looking forward to a long-lasting and successful partnership.



1 Week Left! Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Annual Awards.

There is just one week remaining to submit your projects for the 7th Annual Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Awards! The deadline for submission is Friday, January 26th, 2018. 


The Versaterm Public Safety Innovation Award has been a huge success and we have had excellent participation all six years with innovative and creative solutions being showcased. Remember, not only will the winners be able to share their ideas and success, the first prize winning agency will receive two all expenses paid packages to attend the Workshop.


Download the Contest Rules and Content Submission Forms for more information.

- Posted on January 19, 2018

Welcome, Amherstburg!

At 9:00 on December 13, 2017, Versaterm and Windsor Police (WPS) welcomed the Amherstburg Police Service on board Versaterm vCAD and vMDT!  The Windsor Police Service vCAD was configured as a full multi-jurisdictional dispatch system, including support for a custom Call for Service transfer to the OPTIC (Niche) RMS.  


The shared dispatching service on the Versaterm vCAD will provide enhanced information sharing between the police services and enables WPS as a fully multi-jurisdictional police service paving the way for future regional policing initiatives.


- Posted on Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Welcome, Saskatchewan!

We are pleased to welcome the Government of Saskatchewan Law Enforcement Consortium on board the Versaterm vRMS!   

The new vRMS will support investigative business processes and associated data management, reporting, and disclosure activities for the consortium of law enforcement agencies, creating a common, standard practice throughout the province. 

Government ministries participating in the new vRMS initiative include:


  • Ministry of Environment

  • Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Justice


A consolidated vRMS, integrated with other dispatch functions, not only provides streamlined intelligence management, it reduces risk in provincial dispatch operations and best serves officer safety.

The project kicks off in early December and includes the multi-

jurisdictional Versaterm vRMS with interfaces to the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency I/CAD for transferring calls and vRMS queries! 


Welcome aboard Saskatchewan!


- Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017

and flexible solutions that add value to the users in the public sector arena. The shortlisted firms are at the forefront of tackling the challenges with cutting-edge technology tailored to automate processes and optimize business outcomes.


Versaterm is honored by the recognition, congratulates all the vendors included on the list, and gratefully acknowledges CIO Review and the panel of judges for their consideration.


Click here to read the full article about Versaterm, and learn about the other honorees.


- Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017




CIO Review recently released their annual listing of 20 companies that are at the forefront of providing public sector solutions that impact the marketplace, and Versaterm is pleased to have been included on the list.


CIOReview, through their website and magazine, offers a ground-breaking platform for decision-makers to share their insights, which in turn provides both budding and established entrepreneurs with analyses on information technology trends and a better understanding of the environment.


A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the CIOReview editorial board reviewed the top companies in the public sector solutions domain. In their selection process, they looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the need for cost-effective




Versaterm recognized as one of “20 Most Promising Public Sector Solutions Providers-2017″.

Pennsylvania State Police rolling out phase 2 of the RMS Statewide.

The Pennsylvania State Police commenced their Phase 2 RMS rollout across the state starting in September 2017.  Phase 2 follows their successful CAD implementation and includes full RMS with field reporting as well as several RMS interfaces, including N-Dex.  


This is a full-scale venture, with 4600+ police members and 89 stations throughout the state carefully choreographing this massive operation. Phase 3 (Property and NIBRS) will commence in late 2018 once the Phase 2  rollout has completed. Kudos to the PSP Core and BIT teams for their accomplishments thus far.


- Posted on Tuesday, October 31, 2017



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