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Comprehensive Incident Investigation and Analysis

Efficient, effective and quality management of analytical and administrative data that crime and forensic lab staff can rely on for sound decision making.


Increase Accuracy and Security

Utilize barcoding to strengthen evidence chain of custody and ensure reliable inventories are a standard practice. 


Streamline Quality Management

Ensure all information is consistent and uniform to see a clear view of your laboratory operations and cases. 


Reduce Laboratory Backlogs

Simplify forensic sample data management to reduce backlogs for DNA, toxicology, and drug testing. 

A Comprehensive View of the Whole Case

Accurate and quick analyses to provide the full picture and help improve efficiency, reduce costs, and track chain of custody.

Lab technician using microscope

Designed by forensic scientists for forensic scientists, these solutions are configurable to address the needs of all testing disciplines within the forensic laboratory. 

Seamless Workflows

Integrate evidence tracking, analytical results, and laboratory management information.

Create Custom Interfaces

Create custom interfaces to ​personalize the system to suit your needs.

Fast Analyses

Comprehensive integrations result in more accurate and quicker analyses and information reporting.

Guarantee Data Security

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 registered company.

Simplify Complex Investigations

Streamline your operations and simplify complicated processes with dynamic and customizable solutions that fit the needs of your laboratory.

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