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Field Response and Reporting

Access real-time information for incident response with one centralized platform. Enhanced emergency response software for efficient incident management and safer first responders.  


Real-time situational awareness 

Anywhere, anytime access for safer, more efficient incident management.


Seamless information sharing

Collaborative problem solving and faster report building.


A single unified platform

All crucial information centralized in one easy-to-use platform.

Keeping Public Safety Professionals Connected to Information Anywhere, Anytime 

Equip first responders with the information they need to focus on the communities they serve. 

Policeman on scene

All-in-one smartphone body and dash cameras for enhanced evidence management

Real-time Situational Awareness

See real-time status and position of officers in the field.

Automatic Upload

Effortlessly transfer footage into the evidence management platform.

Advanced Analytics for Actionable Intelligence

Access location-based analytics, heatmaps of staff coverage, and automatic reports and alerts for critical areas.

Seamless Installation

Utilize existing ports and wiring in officer vehicles for easy installation.

Critical, real-time information for law enforcement to fight crime and manage offenders.

Collaborative problem solving

Utilize discussion boards to communicate and problem solve for faster issue awareness.

Reduce crime rates

Easily analyze crime data, trends and patterns to gather actionable insights to reduce crime.

Streamline Case Management

Leverage online notebooks to pass information from shift-to-shift in real-time.

Instant Visualization

View crime patterns by location as plotted on interactive maps.


Revolutionary emergency response software for a fast, coordinated and intelligent response.

Mission critical data on one screen

Incident critical information at your fingertips to better prepare, strategize, and get home safe.

Reliable communication

Guaranteed consistent and reliable communication in any situation, to better collaborate and share real-time incident updates.

Information stored locally for quick access

Access important incident details in any conditions, no internet or cellular connection required.

Integrated Modules 

Tightly integrated modules help eliminate single-points of failure for more successful incident management and accountability.

Coordinated Solutions for First Responders

Enhance your incident management and field operations with our modern first responder software. Easily share critical information and real-time updates with our easy-to-use platforms for fire and police.

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