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Better Call Handling

When every second counts, our suite of solutions streamlines operations and enhances emergency call handling for effective incident management.


Optimize interactions

Reduce citizen frustration and increase caller satisfaction.


Increase efficiency  

Empower dispatchers with the tools they need efficiently and effectively handle emergency calls.


Simplify operations

Seamlessly upgrade to a single centralized database.

Integrated Solutions for Better Outcomes 

Modern emergency call handling software enables a more accurate and efficient dispatch experience. 

Desk phone with headset

Upgrade from legacy 9-1-1 to Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) with seamless middleware integration. Empower dispatchers to allocate personnel quickly and safely, while better preparing first responders with the right situational information and necessary resources.

Manage calls efficiently

Improve productivity and call outcomes while maintaining quality.

Offers reliable, secure IP communications

Uses a highly secure protocol (HTTPS) browser-based interface with access levels set based on roles or selection of rights. 

Improve Satisfaction

Eliminate “swivel chair” integration for a more accurate and efficient dispatch experience.

Gain Situational Awareness

Migrate to NG9-1-1 with i3CI that links ESInet to the 911 centers and allows PSAPs to receive emergency calls as SMS, video, and images.

Trusted Emergency Call Handling Software 

Upgrade your call handling services to streamline operations and save critical seconds. 

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