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Document Conversion

Why Your Agency Archive Needs a Digital Makeover

Piles of paper, reels of microfilm, and stacks of microfiche can lead to disorganization and take up critical square footage within your company. These non-digital, traditional archives hinder the efficiency of retrieving high-priority information and put your critical records at risk of loss or damage.  

Simplify Records, Expand Possibilities

Converting physical files into digital format not only guarantees data preservation but also optimizes space utilization. Incorporating an electronic document management system to organize your digital materials makes critical information more readily available while reducing record administration time.

Benefits and Capabilities

Personalized guidance for optimal Document Conversion results

Production Level Scanning

High volume projects can be completed in a timely manner either on or off site

Multiple Output Options

Several different output file type options are available, depending on agency needs

Exceptional Quality Control

Quality checkpoints throughout each project to ensure a high value and optimal delivery

Document Conversion Expertise

Qualified experts ensure consistent, high-quality document conversion

From Clutter to Clarity: Prioritizing Your Operations

Sometimes working in a hybrid world isn’t the right solution. When your operations have to shift between paper and electronic information, inefficiencies creep into workflows and workspaces. By scanning your archival records with a trusted provider, your agency can save valuable time and turn storage spaces into productive ones. 

Common Variable Media Conversion

Aperture cards
Docket books
Oversized drawings

Show Me, Don’t Tell Me

If you want leadership and approval boards to support digitization, you need to show them tangible evidence of its value. 

Convert three rolls of microfilm for free to test our quality. 

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