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Document Conversion and Management

Digitize, index, and store your paper and analog materials to increase convenience, efficiency, and ease of use. 


Ensure Data Longevity

Keep historical data safe from water, dust, and degradation.


Use Space More Effectively

Areas currently used for storing of physical documents can be repurposed for other, more effective uses.


Increase Availability of Data

Document conversion and management ensures that critical information is readily available and accessible.

Stop Searching Through Storage and Archives

Ensure your team has all the information they need at their fingertips.

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Digitize your historical paper and other analog materials using professional, high-quality document conversion services

Document Conversion Expertise

Ensure consistent, high-quality document conversion.

Variable Media Conversion

Convert different document media, including oversized drawings, paper, microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards.

Improve Space Utilization

Repurpose existing storage space for more effective uses.

Preserve Data and Archives

Keep your archives safe from damage and degradation.

Keep your organization’s important records safe and accessible while reducing storage costs and management.

Secure Your Storage

Role-based access and redundant cloud storage ensure security. 

Data Entry Index

Query and view manually indexed documents.

Optimize Your Search

Built in OCR makes full-text search easier and more reliable. 

Management Solution

Store converted documents in an Electronic Document Management System.

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