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Automated & Intelligent 
Non-Emergency Reporting 

Better Service, Better Communities 

Today's police agencies are getting more calls for help than ever before, while service expectations are also at an all-time high. Patrol officers have to immediately respond to emergencies, but what about the 40% of non-emergency calls into 911? Marked as a lower priority, these individuals and their cases must wait longer for service.


Versaterm CommunityReport

An intelligent virtual investigator that instantly communicates with your community through mobile and web. This innovative solution integrates with Versaterm Records Management System (RMS) and third-party RMS. This add-on module automates non-emergency service requests and generates a review-ready report, streamlining your agency’s non-emergency workflow.

Streamline Your Non-Emergency Workflow with Versaterm CommunityReport

Enhance service for community members and streamline operations for your agency


Benefits and Capabilities

No matter how big or small your agency, Versaterm CommunityReport will make a difference.

Better service

Increase customer satisfaction with immediate service and automatic notifications throughout the report review process

Offload 40% of calls

Reduce call takers’ manual response and improve efficiency with non-emergency automation

Easy implementation and integration

Leverage and enhance existing RMS with Versaterm CommunityReport add-on module

Better communities

Improve community engagement with conversational AI-guided reporting process and investigative interview

Enhance quality assurance

Capture relevant data to generate a NIBRS-compliant, review-ready report

Accelerate report queueing and intake

Data structure matches Versaterm RMS for faster queuing, optional automatic transcription enhances report quality


Note: API available for third-party RMS to retrieve reports

Offload 40% of Call Volume with Automated Non-Emergency Reporting 

Versaterm CommunityReport's intelligent virtual investigator technology makes handling non-emergency calls a breeze. The conversational AI solution conducts a full investigative interview, generates a review-ready report and automatically updates community members during the review process.

Streamlining Your Non-Emergency Reporting Workflow with Versaterm CommunityReport

1. Contact initiated, platform engaged

The reporting party engages at their convenience using their preferred communication format (web, mobile app) and language. For request for service calls, dispatchers and call takers perform initial triage before (optionally) transferring callers to Versaterm CommunityReport.

2. AI-guided investigative interview

Versaterm CommunityReport utilizes a powerful conversational AI system that listens, asks questions, and adapts throughout the virtual investigation.

3. Validate report or request

Versaterm CommunityReport employs integration with Versaterm RMS and most 3rd-party RMS compliant and enables validated cases to enter an RMS workflow automatically.

4. Automated notifications

Throughout the review process, the reporting party receives automatic notifications including status updates, instructions, and the disposition with the official case number. In addition, internal agency staff are notified when special situations arise.

5. Case number issuance

When a case service report is reviewed and approved, an RMS record is created that contains the full details of the case. Depending upon the offense classification, the report may then route to investigators or simply be closed, streamlining the RMS workflow.

Automate Your Non-Emergency Requests for Service 

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