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Stronger Community Engagement

Better connect with your community to build trust and transparency with our fully automated solutions. Police community engagement made easy. 


Public Safety

Empower your officers to better respond to the needs and concerns of the public with actionable community insights. Increase your capacity to serve by simplifying non-emergency call reporting.


Enhance Efficiency & Effectiveness  

Reduce community member wait times and keep your crime victims and reporting parties in the loop with automatic follow-up messages and timely case updates based on your agency’s workflows already in use. 


Increase Trust & Cooperation

Strengthen relationships with community members to build trust, cooperation and foster safer communities.

Making Service Excellence the New Standard in Public Safety 

Our innovative police community engagement solutions transform the way public safety agencies engage and communicate with their communities, reporting parties and victims. 

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Streamlines non-emergency workflows with AI reporting 

Better service, better communities 

Eliminate non-emergency reporting wait times and increase community satisfaction

Automated process

Improve throughput of non-emergency reports into the RMS, reducing backlogs

Flexible communication

Available on web or mobile

Intelligent engagement

Guided reporting process with conversational AI investigative interview

Empowers agencies to automate their police community engagement through case updates and customer satisfaction surveys

Send Automatic Case Updates

Ensure your crime victims and reporting parties are informed as the case progresses with automatic case updates. 

Improve Community Attitudes

Measure and improve community relationships with invaluable insights gathered directly from community members.

Track Customer Interactions 

Send follow-up surveys to track community member interactions and optimize police and community relations. 

Easy Deployment & Integration

Work with your existing CAD/RMS systems to enhance police community involvement almost immediately. Ready to deploy in 90 days or less.

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Better Serve Your Community 

Strengthen your police community involvement today for improved community member communications and safer communities.

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