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  • Supports citizen engagement (multi-lingual) via the web, mobile app, text messaging, SMS, and voice

  • Compatible with IOS and Android

  • Fully automated to assist any Police agency’s workflow and citizen notification processes

  • Cloud-based, secure, with full integration with Versaterm’s CAD and RMS

  • Leverages Artificial Intelligence with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and, more importantly, Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

  • Involves simple activation and does not require new hardware or software



Case Service

Versaterm’s Case Service is a non-emergency online reporting solution that allows citizens to engage Police services through their choice of communication options including, voice, text, web, and mobile apps. Using advanced AI technology, citizens communicate directly with Case Service reducing waiting times when reporting non-emergency incidents. The response is immediate, and citizens are automatically updated as their case progresses.
Versaterm’s Case Service incorporates an automated and friendly interaction rather than the traditional “fill in the blanks” report. Using the conversation format, Case Service guides the citizen through the investigative interview, allowing them to tell their story. While the "virtual officer" gathers the necessary information to complete a police report.
Versaterm's CAD and RMS add power to Case Service through even deeper integration. Call-takers can easily redirect citizens to Case Service and provide a text message or email link. Citizens, witnesses, and victims will receive a link to send video, pictures, or additional information to Case Service.
Versaterm's Case Service solution streamlines non-emergency calls' response, provides timely services, updates, and improved dialogue with your community. Serving the community better is the target, and the new Versaterm Case Service model delivers!

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