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Versaterm’s Case Service

Built by law enforcement for law enforcement, this is an efficient machine for non-emergency incidents leveraged by the dispatch center. Using AI technology and a simple and focus reporting conversation, the service wait time resets to Zero with Case Service.


Once connected, citizens engage with an intelligent engine that has an investigative dialogue to help them communicate and get service. Citizens can then choose how and when to communicate. They can move in and out of the conversation and change the method they use to communicate with your agency—either by voice, mobile, text, or web.

Case Service enables smooth handling of submissions via workflow automation. Based on agency specifications, the citizen gets helpful notifications at each step in the disposition process, reassuring them that their incident is being addressed. Data from Case Service is deposited into your vRMS upon agency review and approval.


• Zero hardware

• Zero software

• Secured data

• Simple activation

• Agency alerts

• RMS integration



• Friendly and effective

• Multilingual

• Immediately responsive


• Helpful videos

• Location services

• iOS and Android

Text/ SMS

• Interactive dialog

• Invitations to web,

mobile, and voice



• Simple and responsive

• Invitations to SMS, mobile, and voice


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