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Delivering A Better
Non-Emergency Call Experience 

Meeting Increased Non-Emergency Call Demand

Agencies face an unprecedented surge in calls for non-emergency assistance, coupled with elevated service expectations. Due to reduced staffing across all departments, many governments have shifted their off-hour call loads to PSAPs since they are staffed 24/7. The number of lower priority calls on these phone lines can overwhelm call takers and dispatchers.


Community members often face long hold times for routine requests that can often be completed via access to resources and self-service options. How can your operations adapt to meet the needs of both the community and your call-takers?  

As times have changed, and so has the technology you need to do your job. 

Versaterm CallTriage

Our AI technology effectively triages non-emergency calls and provides automated resolution to a portion of requests without the need for staff to engage with the caller on non-emergency phone line(s). Your PSAP can provide immediate service with high-quality results, leaving community members feeling heard and served. Your staff can focus on situations where callers in fact need their help per established protocols.


Benefits and Capabilities

Conversational AI helps to reduce caller hold times, provide guidance, and deliver prompt service for non-emergency service requests 

Better service

Increase customer satisfaction with immediate service instead of long hold times 

Increase Emergency Communications Center (ECC) capacity

Enable staff to focus on situations that require their support, while leveraging self-service options on calls that don't

Continuous improvement

Collect precise data, such as admin call type and frequency, to revise operations and request resources

Better communities

Improve community engagement with automated triage process to direct them to the right resources  

Detect true emergencies

Ensure that actual emergencies are detected, and callers are quickly transferred for priority handling

Reduce the Impact of High Admin Call Volumes

One secure cloud-based solution for non-emergency contacts and continual improvement that helps your agents’ well-being and productivity. Let’s get your questions answered.

A Solution Built for Public Safety

Cloud hosted data and telecom requires zero hardware or software 
Versaterm manages call handling AI
Multilingual voice capability
SMS/text replies to existing resources
Robust admin portal gives access to call analytics and configuration settings 
Easily modify to meet changes to operational needs, scale up or down

Faster Service and
Higher Call Center Capacity

Automate routine, low priority calls to increase ECC capacity 

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