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Welcome San Mateo County to the Versaterm family

Versaterm extends a warm welcome to San Mateo County Public Safety Communications and their partner agencies as they kick off their vCAD project. This multi-jurisdictional installation for Police, Fire, and EMS provides San Mateo County with a feature-rich system that focuses on gaining efficiencies for call takers and dispatchers while officers in the field benefit from Versaterm’s fully-integrated mobile solution keeping important information close at hand when they need it most.​

With a go-live anticipated in late 2019, this project includes many interfaces, including ReddiNet to provide real-time hospital status information within CAD, a two-way interface to Deccan LiveMUM to provide move-up recommendations, and an interface with ShotSpotter to automatically create calls for service when a gunshot is detected. 

San Mateo County covers the majority of the San Francisco Peninsula located between San Francisco and Santa Clara counties. The County of San Mateo Office of Public Safety Communications provides call taking and dispatch services for a number of agencies in the county, including the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and their three contract cities, three municipal police departments, nine fire departments, all ambulance services county-wide, and multiple county non-emergency service agencies.​​

We look forward to embarking on this enterprise-wide project with San Mateo County. Welcome to the Versaterm Family and community!

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