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Versaterm Empowers Agencies Across California in Enhancing Community Engagement and Trust

OTTAWA, Ontario – September XX, 2023 Versaterm Public Safety, a global public safety solutions leader, is empowering 23 agencies across California in initiatives to enhance community engagement, goodwill, and mutual trust through cutting-edge technology. Agencies include Grover Beach Department, Tustin Police Department, and University of Santa Cruz Police Departments in Central California and El Cajon Police Department, La Mesa Police Department, and UC Riverside in Southern California. These agencies are leveraging Versaterm’s SPIDR Tech solution to provide crime victims, reporting parties, and other community members with automated incident updates and the ability to supply feedback on their interactions with officers and other agency personnel. The deployment of SPIDR Tech across these communities will enhance customer service, incident response time, and transparency for community members.

These agencies cover a diverse population from the Bay area to Southern California, including global industry-leading businesses, international event venues, and popular tourist attractions. These areas must accommodate multiple languages, geographies, and call types to serve their community the way they want to be served. Leveraging modern technology, such as SPIDR Tech, enables agencies to offer an efficient and effective experience to the public through enhanced communication and feedback options.

The Grover Beach Police Department first began implementing SPIDR technology at their agency in 2022. SPIDR Tech empowers the Grover Beach Police Department to provide crime victims with automated text messages about their cases and to gather community feedback to continuously improve upon its service offerings.

“As a very early adopter of SPIDR Tech, the Grover Beach Police Department continues to be a huge fan. It provides real-time customer service information and assists us daily to provide the best service possible to our community. It would be hard for us to operate as an agency without it,” said Commander Jim Munro, Grover Beach Police Department.

The El Cajon Police Department appreciates all kinds of responses from its community through SPIDR Tech. The agency uses positive feedback about officers going above and beyond the line of duty to boost staff morale and to reinforce best practices during training conversations.

“​​SPIDR Tech’s platform provides us with real-time feedback from the community,” said XX, El Cajon Police Department. “We share the positive feedback with our department personnel which helps them understand the impact their role plays in the community. The negative feedback is evaluated appropriately and gives us the opportunity to resolve additional community concerns that may have gone unreported.”

With officers nationwide facing stressful situations every day, SPIDR Tech helps to give them the recognition they deserve in service to their community. Officers and their supervisors gain visibility into public sentiment about their agency and quality of service.

“The most useful tool we have seen thus far is the overwhelmingly positive feedback our community members have given to our officers and dispatchers. I find us frequently placing commendations into our employees’ personnel file,” said Lieutenant Ryan Coe of the Tustin Police Department. 

“Communities today have come to expect a higher standard of transparency, communication, and service from organizations they engage with, including public safety agencies,” said Rohan Galloway-Dawkins, Chief Product Officer, Versaterm Public Safety. “We are proud to support these innovative agencies as they reimagine the future of community interactions through the power of automation, data, and analytics.”

The SPIDR Tech solution builds upon best practices in the private sector, and development was driven by years of on-the-ground experience in law enforcement. The solution is designed to help agencies increase efficiency in customer service and improve communications between agencies and their communities, Moreover, SPIDR Tech’s mobile-friendly surveys enable agencies to gather valuable feedback for analysis to drive operational improvements and demonstrate their commitment to service excellence. This exceptional care translates into goodwill with the community. 

About Versaterm Public Safety

Versaterm Public Safety is a global public safety solutions company helping agencies transform their organizations by providing innovative solutions, expertise, and an unwavering dedication to customer service. Formed in 1977, we are on a journey to build an ecosystem that will enhance community safety by creating purposeful integrations across the public safety spectrum. We deliver intuitive tools developed for public safety agencies, forensic labs, court systems, schools, and other institutions. Our selective growth strategy focuses on improving customer and user workflows for more efficient and effective operations, leading to better service and more just outcomes. For more information, visit, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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