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Versaterm Announces the Acquisition of TechVoice

Versaterm, a leading provider of public safety and law enforcement software solutions, is pleased to announce the just-completed acquisition of TechVoice, Inc., a privately held company that specializes in providing conversational engagement technologies to the public safety sector.

“Our goal is to integrate TechVoice’s ground-breaking work in the areas on automated citizen engagement and voice recognition/AI with our entire suite of products,” says Warren Loomis, Versaterm’s CEO.  “This will open an entirely new dimension of functionality that will streamline public safety operations, and at the same time, enable agencies to improve citizen service levels.  Not only will Versaterm be able to offer a fully integrated and easy to use citizen reporting module, we will also be able to incorporate other services that were not possible before.  

For example, a caller to a police communication center who does not require an immediate response by an officer can quickly be directed into an intelligent system where they can engage via web, mobile app, text messaging, and even through voice.   

The core technology that makes this possible will become an integral part of all our systems.  This is just the latest example of Versaterm’s continual product evolution, providing additional benefits to our customers by keeping our systems modern, reliable, and evergreen”.

As part of this transaction, the founders of TechVoice (formerly called, “Ten8Tech”), will be joining Versaterm as full-time employees. The President and CEO of TechVoice, Anthony Formhals, and Eric Geerdes (Co-founder, COO) both combine law enforcement backgrounds with deep technology experience.  Mr. Formhals said, “Over the last eight years, Ten8Tech has successfully provided Case Service as a better way for police agencies to serve citizens who need help in non-emergency situations. Joining with Versaterm creates an opportunity to bring our technology into a much broader spectrum of citizen engagement, benefiting both Versaterm’s customers and the citizens they serve".

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Versaterm is a major supplier of public safety software solutions for Police, Fire, and EMS agencies across North America.  For over 40 years, Versaterm has been supplying agencies, large and small, with a fully integrated Computer Aided Dispatch System, Records Management System, Mobile Data and Field Reporting.  Our dedication to public safety involves designing innovative software solutions empowered by advanced technologies, employing professionals who care about making a difference.

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