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The Government of Saskatchewan goes live with vRMS

Congratulations to the Government of Saskatchewan Law Enforcement Consortium on recently going live with vRMS. This ambitious multi-jurisdictional project makes the Government of Saskatchewan the first institution to implement an RMS for non-traditional police law enforcement agencies! Government ministries participating in this initiative include:

  • Ministry of the Environment

  • Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

  • Ministry of Finance

  • Ministry of Justice

  • Ministry of Government Relations

The resulting integration and sharing of information has built stronger bonds and working relationships between the partner agencies. The value and power of sharing the same modern vRMS provides all agencies with immediate access to each other’s information, saving time and expediting their ability to work collaboratively to detect and prevent crime.​

Special thanks to PRISM, the Provincial Records and Information System Management implementation team, for their hard work implementing a system that oversees 300 officers spread out over 400,000 square miles and includes interfaces to the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency I/CAD for transferring calls and vRMS queries!​

Congratulations once again to Saskatchewan and welcome to the Versaterm family!

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