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LaSalle Police launches Versaterm’s RMS joining Windsor’s crime reporting solution

The LaSalle Police Service has recently launched the Versaterm Records Management System (vRMS) in a multi-jurisdictional environment with the Windsor Police Service. The successful onboarding also included the rollout of the Versaterm Mobile Report Entry (vMRE) solution to officers in the field, enabling efficient crime incident reporting. The successful onboarding of the vRMS in a multi-jurisdictional environment follows LaSalle’s recent deployment of the Versaterm Computer Aided Dispatch (vCAD) and Mobile Data Terminal (vMDT) earlier this year.

​Similar to the many agencies utilizing Versaterm’s integrated multi-jurisdictional capability, LaSalle and Windsor’s shared database provides both agencies with immediate access to crime incident data, allowing for efficient and coordinated responses, as criminal activity moves from one jurisdiction to another, all while maintaining secure access and data entry capabilities within their own geographic borders. 

Congratulations to the LaSalle Police Service and the Windsor Police service as they embark on this exciting new partnership with Versaterm Public Safety! 

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