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Congratulations to the Ventura City PD who went live with the Versaterm CAD and Mobile software on December 4, 2018

VPD’s implementation project began back in March 2018 and completed on schedule.  A special thanks goes out to the VPD Implementation team for their hard work throughout this successful project.  As a result, Ventura’s Public Safety dispatchers are now live with Versaterm’s proven CAD system which is intuitive, powerful, and offers quick access to information.  In addition, front line officers appreciate Versaterm’s fully integrated mobile software which provides them with information at their fingertips including important data for situational awareness.  Together, Versaterm CAD and mobile software is a comprehensive set of tools to help keep first responders safe in the field.

As a next step, Ventura PD will be implementing Versaterm’s vRMS (Records Management System), by joining the Santa Barbara Police Department’s vRMS system, which has been up and running for some time now. As with Versaterm’s other multi-jurisdictional sites, the value and power of sharing the same RMS will provide both agencies with immediate access to each other’s information which saves time and expedites their ability to work collaboratively to detect and prevent crime.  Because criminals tend to move between neighboring cities, sharing a database between Police Departments is the smartest approach to maximize interoperability and expose criminal activity. And Versaterm’s multi-jurisdictional RMS gives police officers the power of knowledge at their fingertips, providing easy access to search information from their cars, using the Versaterm Mobile Data Terminal (vMDT) software.

​Ventura PD’s vRMS implementation is expected to be live before the end of 2019.​

The Ventura Police Department is considered one of the most modern and progressive agencies in California.  Ventura City has a population of around 110,000 and the Police Department employs 134 sworn officers and 43 civilian staff.  On average, the department handles over 90,000 calls-for-service a year and processes nearly 40,000 reports. ​

Versaterm once again wishes the members of the Ventura PD a warm welcome to the Versaterm family and community!

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