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Banneker Invests in Versaterm

Versaterm is excited to announce that Banneker Partners LLC (, a very selective enterprise software-focused investment firm, has invested in Versaterm and, as a result, we are now Versaterm Public Safety. This brings an unparalleled opportunity for Versaterm and our customers as we leverage Banneker’s expertise. 

Our customers have come to appreciate Versaterm's proven track record of delivering high-quality software solutions and our proven customer support. It was evident to Banneker that Versaterm delivers value to our customers on so many levels, and they believe they can augment that, making for an even better customer experience. Our customers will now have a much stronger Versaterm, where we expect to introduce new products and services at a faster pace. ​

As the name suggests, our focus will be public safety while Banneker will be assisting us in smart and strategic growth so that we continue to deliver our industry-leading mission-critical solutions to the Police, Fire and EMS agencies across North America.  While Versaterm grows with Banneker to deliver more value to our customers, our customers can rest assured that many aspects of Versaterm's operations and core values will remain unchanged …


Warren Loomis (Versaterm President and CEO) along with the entire leadership team will remain at the helm while fully committed to Versaterm’s success.  


Versaterm will always strive to under-promise and over-deliver. There is no change to our customer support level that has made us what we are today. 


Versaterm will not only be delivering our proven Public Safety solutions but also enhancing our offerings with even more services and advanced products. 


#TeamVersaterm remains very strongly committed to our customers. All of our employees have a future at Versaterm and the relationships that our customers have nurtured with Versaterm friends will continue. 


With the evolution of Versaterm's integrated public safety systems, we will remain an Ottawa-based company with US operations out of Scottsdale (with remote employees strategically located). 

Strategic & Smart Growth  

Banneker’s investment in Versaterm is about delivering more value to our customers. Banneker’s involvement will focus on helping Versaterm grow without losing sight of our core principles that have contributed to our success all these years. Versaterm remains independent, under a Banneker flag, as a primary company.​

Versaterm is privileged to have an amazing opportunity to work closely with Banneker to help us expand our public safety platform and to bring new solutions to the market.  Our focus will be on continued product innovation, building stronger customer relationships, and increasing our presence within the public safety community. Versaterm looks forward to the experience and expertise that Banneker brings to further enhance our principles and reputation.

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