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Austin Police Department is now NIBRS Certified

Versaterm is proud to announce that the Austin Police Department is now NIBRS-certified.  Congratulations Austin PD on your achievement!  This state-legislated requirement was made possible, thanks to the support of Austin PD’s Executive Team, the Austin PD members who worked hard at testing and implementing processes to ensure data quality, and the team at the Texas Department of Public Safety who collaborated with Austin PD and Versaterm to ensure a successful certification process. 

Benefits of NIBRS data

As of January 1, 2021, all law enforcement agencies will be required to document and report crime data based on the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) requirements, which provides a detailed and more inclusive method of gathering and reporting crime data.  

Using the NIBRS data, which is a more comprehensive set of data, agencies can identify patterns and trends, in order to have a more complete overview of crime statistics within their city.  This new way of data collection is meant to help prevent crime by allowing more informed conversations with the community on crime reduction, and it provides transparency related to crime and social issues within the city.  Overall, complying with NIBRS reporting is expected to have a long term positive effect on understanding crime issues, as well as addressing issues related to the quality of life.  For the citizens of Austin, this means increased accountability on the status of public safety within the city, increased accountability on the most efficient and effective use of resources, and finally, increased transparency with crime reporting.  Ultimately, accountability and improved public services are the primary benefits resulting from this transition.

Certification Process

In Texas, for a law enforcement agency to be NIBRS-certified, the agency must first have a NIBRS-compatible RMS (Records Management System), which has the ability to collect data from the agency and then extract it into a monthly file that meets the state’s specifications.  In order for RMS vendors to be certified with the state, the agency is required to provide three consecutive months of data with 4% or less error rate.  The Austin PD employs 2,594 sworn members. Versaterm congratulates the Austin PD for achieving this certification.

Natural Use

Versaterm’s field-based reporting software (vMRE) and Records Management System (vRMS) have evolved over the past 20+ years to meet the operational needs of the Police, while also adhering to state-mandated requirements such as NIBRS reporting, in addition to other legislative requirements such as racial profiling and use of force. To keep up with ever-changing needs, Versaterm continually evolves both products, while ensuring a natural use experience for our end-users.  The Austin PD has implemented Versaterm’s latest versions of the vMRE and vRMS, which include Versaterm’s new integrated NIBRS validation helper; a great feature that takes the officer directly to the field or screen that needs to be corrected.  This new feature has been very well received, making it easier and even faster for officers to complete their reports in compliance with the NIBRS data collection rules.

About Versaterm

Versaterm specializes in integrated software solutions for public safety agencies (Police, Fire, and EMS).  The Versaterm product suite combines advanced mobile technology, with sophisticated software to give agencies the efficiency, flexibility, and control they need from their information management systems in today’s fast-paced world.  With over four decades of industry expertise, Versaterm offers Computer Aided Dispatch Systems (vCAD), Records Management Systems (vRMS), and Mobility Solutions for public safety agencies.  Since 1977, Versaterm has been passionate about supporting front line first responders.  Our dedication to public safety involves designing innovative and intuitive software solutions empowered by the most advanced technologies, employing professionals who care about making a difference and adapting to ever-changing needs.  Versaterm delivers solutions hosted "in the cloud," powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing true SaaS (Software as a Service) with dynamic scalability and configurability.

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