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Versaterm vMobile

Introducing the latest version of Versaterm’s vMobile, an application designed to keep first responders connected and safe as they respond to calls for service. By delivering vital information in real-time, officers are prepared and know what to expect before arriving on the scene. And while on the scene and away from their vehicles, vMobile enables officers to continually receive updates and remain in contact with dispatch. 

We believe that “devices aren’t mobile, people are”, and that belief is what drove us to develop a mobile solution that offers reliable and faster assistance to first responders, while enhancing productivity, improving service, and increasing flexibility. 

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Stay Connected

Acting as a digital notebook, vMobile empowers officers with features needed to perform their duties efficiently. By leveraging the camera-scanning capability of mobile devices, vMobile can read licenses and registrations, making typing unnecessary.

As an officer runs queries, data is simultaneously collected for report writing. vMobile also intuitively recognizes orally-dictated notes, which officers can later use to build report narratives.

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Boost Efficiency

The latest release of vMobile keeps first responders continuously connected to dispatch and other officers in the field. Points of interest, the location of calls, and even responders' location when they leave their vehicles are all displayed on an integrated map using a device’s Global Positioning System. 

Providing immediate access to vital information while in the field enhances operations and is essential to keeping emergency personnel safe. Contact Versaterm to learn more about how we are preparing public safety for the next generation. 

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