Mobile Data Terminal

The Versaterm Mobile Data Terminal is offered for both Fire and Police departments as an extension of vCAD. Using an intuitive interface, vMDT provides its users with a comprehensive array of tools for managing dispatches, communicating with the dispatch center and other units or apparatus, performing call-related activities, and querying various databases. Rooted in traditional MDT functionality, the vMDT provides unparalleled functionality for modern-day public safety personnel.

Highlights include:

  • Highly configurable interface that sites can modify using MDT Designer.

  • Offers enhanced sharing of information between Fire and Police MDTs.

  • Speech recognition lets you issue verbal commands to perform an action. For example, you could perform a simple plate query by talking to your MDT.

  • Voice feedback reads communications such as dispatches aloud to you assuring that safety remains paramount.

  • Variety of dispatch related transactions, such as dispatch receipt, status updating, busy updating, on view and traffic stop updating, access to other units’ statuses, to other complaints, to location information (hazards/alerts, history, contacts, etc.) and unit history. This includes the optional map display and AVL, if so equipped.

  • Information checks or requests on names, addresses, vehicles, property, etc. against local RMS and County, State and national databases. Virtually every part of a report is available to mobiles from the RMS.

  • Advanced RMS integration for officer schedules, report prefilling, transferring mobile reports to the RMS, getting report approval from field supervisors and access to mug-shots of subjects and images.

  • Offers messaging transactions using short conversational messages to dispatchers, other units, supervisors or even key locations in the department (e.g., Cell Block, Front Desk, Crime Lab, etc.). Corporate email integration is also offered.


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