Computer Aided Dispatch

In many cases, CAD systems are the first point of entry for information received during an emergency and the ability of Police, Fire & EMS to respond quickly and prioritize resource assignments is vital.


Versaterm vCAD, a fully featured intelligent Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system meets that challenge. Our proven system is intuitive, customizable and offers quick access to information that keeps first responders safe by providing a fast and reliable way to dispatch emergency calls.


Our integrated GPS-aided routing system lets dispatchers pinpoint the locations of mobile units, as well as receive notifications when a unit enters or leaves an area drawn on a map – enabling first responders with a more efficient and coordinated response.


Additionally, the vCAD interface is efficiently organized in categorized folder tabs which can be opened, closed, and switched using hotkeys. Together, this well-constructed interface speeds up dispatching and eliminates the guesswork with a single click putting mission-critical information in the hands of those who need it the most.


With Versaterm’s vCAD, dispatchers can allocate personnel to locations quickly, safely, and better prepare first responders with the right situational information and necessary resources.

  • Web-based access for unit and call monitoring

  • Integrated AVL support with unit routing and recommendations

  • Integrated mapping provides situational awareness and allows for tactical analysis

  • Fully customizable command set

Other features include:


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