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A Solution Designed to Answer the Public’s Call. Everytime.

Versaterm Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) System

An intuitive and customizable system with an integrated GPS-aided routing system for a more efficient and coordinated response.  Our proven system offers quick access to information that keeps first responders safe by providing a fast and reliable way to allocate personnel to locations quickly and safely. 

Features and Capabilities

Both on-premises installation and CJIS-compliant cloud-based options are available

Integrated AVL supports unit routing, recommendations, and geolocation updates

Enterprise level system integrates with Versaterm RMS and other records systems

Intuitive interface speeds up dispatching and eliminates guesswork with a single click

Versaterm mobile solutions offer agencies an extension for field response

Advanced call triage system helps identify proper call type for the incident

Trusted by 500,000+ public safety professionals 

Better prepare your first responders with the right situational information and necessary resources. 

An Enterprise Cloud-Based Productivity Solution for 9-1-1 Centers

Cloud technology has matured as the adoption rate has accelerated. Public safety agencies can benefit by migrating to these software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions as part of their upgrades to the Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) systems. Versaterm Cloud provides a new option for CAD systems.

Key benefits
  • Cost savings (move from capital to operational budgets) 

  • Reduce IT maintenance/continuous background updates 

  • Agility to scale 

  • Simple accessibility 

  • Easy transition for dispatchers and users 

Extend CAD Capabilities to Your Vehicles with Our MDT Option

The Versaterm Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) is an extension of our CAD. Using an intuitive interface, the MDT provides its users with a comprehensive array of tools for managing dispatches, communicating with the dispatch center and other units or apparatus, performing call-related activities, and querying various databases. 

Key benefits
  • Speech recognition lets you issue verbal commands to perform an action 

  • Voice feedback reads communications such as dispatches aloud to you 

  • Information checks or requests on names, addresses, vehicles, property, etc. against local RMS and County, State and national databases 

  • Advanced RMS integration for officer schedules, report prefilling, transferring mobile reports to the RMS, getting report approval from field supervisors, and access to mug-shots of subjects and images 

  • Offers messaging transactions using short conversational messages with corporate email integration available 


Keep Officers Connected Anywhere, Anytime

We believe that “devices aren’t mobile, people are”, and that belief is what drove us to develop a mobile solution that offers reliable and faster assistance to first responders, while enhancing productivity, improving service, and increasing flexibility. 


Versaterm Mobile is an application designed to keep first responders connected and safe as they respond to calls for service. It is an extension of our CAD system that delivers vital information in real-time, so officers are prepared before arriving on scene.

Key benefits
  • Continuously connected to dispatch and other officers 

  • Digital notebook empowers officers to perform their duties efficiently 

  • Integrated map shows points of interest, call location and responders’ location 

  • Camera scanning can be used to read licenses, registrations and more 

  • Query information is automatically collected for report writing 

  • Orally dictate notes to be used later for building report narratives 


Discover why Versaterm and our CAD system are unique 

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