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Empowering agencies with an easy and efficient way to integrate and manage data

Versaterm Records Management System (RMS)

Modern public safety requires a records management system to accommodate a large volume of data that supports not only response but proactive and preventative work.   


These systems are incorporating data from other department systems and sources. Smart automations of an every-hour process reduces the risk of data entry errors and the stress on dispatchers.   


Research and data analysis is becoming more important due to the demand for greater transparency, actionable insights, and community-focused policing. 

Features and Capabilities

Bi-directional integration with NCIC/CPIC, NLETS, and State networks

Integrations with Versaterm CAD, MDT, and Mobile enable population of fields

Designed for direct entry by officers and staff, focusing on natural use features

Support for multi-jurisdictional installations with NIBRS and UCR2 compliance

Mobile platform offers easy-to-navigate user interface for increased efficiency

Seamless data management allows for a quick records entry and easy searches

Turn Your Data Into Actionable Insights

The solution is fully integrated with both Versaterm’s CAD and Mobile Workstation across releases to ensure a seamless information flow. Discover the benefits for yourself. 

Mobile Report Entry

Our Mobile Report Entry (MRE) extension provides a simplified, streamlined, and easy-to-navigate user interface that allows officers to quickly enter, modify, and complete reports. Your reports are always available, and the dynamic toolbar changes fluidly, only presenting tools relevant to the currently selected and displayed item. Agencies can fully customize the interface and can use custom fields to capture additional data. 

Key benefits
  • Streamlined report entry and edits, whether connected or offline 

  • Easy navigation by tapping on an item to view which shows in a print format 

  • Tree view design offers a complete view of all reports and attached records 

  • Populate MRE forms and fields using data captured in the RMS, MDT or Mobile 

  • CCJS and NIBRS validation allows officers to fix specific errors quickly 

  • Intuitive report approval functionality with the ability to add comments and text 

  • Attach scanned information, such as driver’s license and vehicle registration data 

  • Settings adjust to suit your needs (day/dark, screen size and screen orientation)

Link Analysis Capability

The system visually displays linkages between people to help investigators identify connections by comparing elements based on your RMS data.

Types of data shown
  • Associates 

  • Phone numbers 

  • Associates within events (Incident Reports, Field Contacts, Gang Records, etc.)


Discover the benefits of this powerful RMS for yourself 

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