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  • Modern graphical interface with desktop integration while also supporting a fully featured web interface based on HTML5.

  • Able to run on a mobile device and leverage the device’s capabilities (GPS, camera, barcode scanner, etc.).

  • Designed for direct entry by officers and staff, focusing on natural use features such as auto-complete fields, clickable hotlinks and images, watermark help text, quick access to recent files, and breadcrumb navigation.

  • Support for multi-jurisdictional installations with NIBRS and UCR2 compliance.

  • Fully customizable hardcopy printouts, integrated text editor with spell checker, and electronic forms can be auto-prefilled with RMS data (eMVA, Report to Justice, etc.).

  • Ability to attach images, video files, audio files, scanned documents, photos, etc.

  • Powerful Workflow and Case Management routing facilities.

  • Email-enabled and integrated with NCIC/CPIC, NLETS, and State networks.

  • Comprehensive security and information release controls.


Versaterm vRMS

The latest generation of Versaterm’s Records Management System (vRMS) is the core of our product suite.

It is fully integrated with both vCAD and the Mobile Workstation across releases to ensure a seamless information flow.

Link Analysis

The ability to visually display linkages between people is now available with Link Analysis, an exciting new feature available in the vRMS.

Link Analysis helps investigators visually identify linkages between people by comparing elements such as associates, phone numbers, and associates within events (such as Incident Reports, Field Contacts, and Gang Records).

Your RMS has tons of data. See how Link Analysis can quickly provide meaning to your data. 

Talk to your Versaterm Account Manager for more information about Link Analysis.

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