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Service & Support

Professional Services and Support 

“The success of our support programs is our people- they make the difference!” 

The partnership that we have with you does not end at go-live; rather it is at go-live that our customer service truly begins! Because we believe that true success is really measured by long-term success, we support our customers by developing strong relationships so that we are considered a partner - not a vendor. We have proven methods in providing and managing all aspects of the relationship including support, change request management, enhancement release management, and even system-use management.  

There are 2 types of main support services we provide: account management and product-related support. The account management service underlines the fact that we are involved in your initiatives and decisions. We understand that you have invested in an enterprise-class system affecting virtually everyone at your agency. Therefore, we want to stay involved, not simply restricted to our product, but focused on your environment and play an active role in supporting your success. This includes continuous communication to discuss change requests, product improvements, and general health checks. Versaterm also communicates via vConnect – an online community where you can connect with other users as well as Versaterm staff to collaborate and share knowledge with each other.  

Versaterm has also designed its systems and their support so that they evolve with both technology and the data management needs of your department. Therefore, no Versaterm system becomes “dated” either in terms of the functionality offered or the technology that supports it. We do this by providing access to functionality upgrades every 18 to 24 months and a technology refresh installed on your site by us every 5 to 7 years depending on the speed of technological change. This process, known as ‘Evergreening’, ensures that your system never becomes technically obsolete or suffers an “End of Life” notice. 

The 2nd type of support service revolves around product support in which there is an incident with the product itself or within the environment. We take this very seriously and have the resources available to diagnose and repair any issues by employing a 365x24 support model. Ultimately, you can rest assured knowing that the same Project Manager and Technical Leads that managed your successful implementation also become your ongoing support team thus establishing critical long-term continuity of support and service. This helps ensure that the people you call will understand your organization, your business process, and how your system is configured for operation. 

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